201 Ways to Save Money Pt. 2

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Well here is part 2, hope you have found a few new ideas to help save money. In the upcoming weeks I will be showing how to make and do some of these things.  Have a great day.  You can go here for pt. 1

Hygiene Products

  1. Make your own Toothpaste.
  2.  Make your own deodorant.
  3. Make your own lotion.
  4. Make your soap.
  5. Make your own Hair spray.
  6. Make your own mousse.
  7.  Make your own Shave cream.
  8. Make your own Shampoo.
  9. I get my razor blades from the dollar store. They have blades that fit the old handles, which I have several of. You could also use and electric razor.
  10. Use Luna Pads you can make your own or buy them. I know a lot of people have problems with this, but they are so much better for you they don’t have all the horrible chemicals that the disposables have.
  11. And another controversial item the family cloth, way cheaper even if you just use it for pee. This is where that 1 dollar bag of rags comes in handy wash with bleach when you get them home than cut into 8×8 squares. To wash soak in a solution of bleach water then just throw in with your whites and wash in hot water.


  1. Mend things that need to be mended, small rips , buttons, ec
  2. Patch larger holes, Some of Andy’s pants are more patch then pant lol.
  3. Make your own clothes, As I mentioned before I made a lot of my kid’s clothes when they were smaller, I have also made a lot of my own even the girls homecoming and Prom dresses. You can even make your own underwear and T-shirts.
  4. Again shop 2nd hand and yard sales. You can get something from the 2nd hand store and redo it to your liking. One of Katies homecoming dresses was only 15 dollars but needed some work, It was all white with feathers, was missing feathers , beads , tulle and the zipper was broken and she had wanted red and white ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­This was how it turned out, pretty good for a 15 dollar dress.
  5. Darn your socks, If you have high dollar socks this is an option, on cheaper socks sometimes it is more trouble than worth but if money is super tight then it is an option.
  6. Crochet or knit your own slippers, sweaters, socks, scarves, ear warmers, hats, blankets ect.
  7. Alter clothes that don’t fit.
  8. Make your own starch for ironing.
  9. Make your own Fabreeze.
  10. Have a clothing swap with friends, for kids clothes and your own.
  11. Buy plain inexpensive shirts and pants and embellish yourself.
  12. Save your old jeans and clothes to use for patches, and quilts and reuse the buttons off of things.
  13. Sometimes it is cheaper to get something at the 2nd hand for the buttons then to buy new buttons. Especially if they are fancy buttons.


  1. Keep fluids checked and filled.
  2. Keep correct tire pressure.
  3. Change your own oil. I remember when I was younger my Mom always changed her own oil.
  4. Clean and vacuum it yourself.
  5. Wash it yourself at home, Use a bucket of water to wash it with, then rinse, don’t keep the water running though.
  6. Keep a small tote with wipes, water and snacks in your vehicle for kids so you are not tempted to go thru the drive through.
  7. Plan and combine your trips so you are not making several trips a week.
  8. Shop around for insurance every couple years, chances are you can find something cheaper.
  9. Buy used instead of new the minute you drive it off the lot it loses a ton of value.
  10. Try to pay cash so you don’t have the interest to pay.
  11. If you can’t pay cash try to have a large down so you don’t have as much interest to pay. 


  1. Cut the cable and satellite. We use antenna T.V. but as I said before we don’t watch much T.V. We do have Netflix which is under 6 dollars a month, a whole lot cheaper then cable and we can find something to watch when we want.
  2. Use the library for books and movies.
  3. If you absolutely want a certain book buy it second hand. I have a couple authors that I like to collect so I wait and get the books second hand you can save a ton doing this.
  4. Wait for a new release to come out on video.
  5. If you just have to see the new release go to the matinee and eat before you go so you don’t need snacks.
  6. Look for inexpensive date night activities the internet is full of ideas.
  7. Can’t really afford to go camping, have a camping night in the back yard. Kids love this.
  8. Take the kids to the park to play have a picnic and feed the ducks.
  9. Have a picnic in the back yard,
  10. Look for inexpensive or free local plays and concerts. During the summer our town has a free music in the park once a week.


  1. Stay in shape, you are a lot more healthy when you are in shape,
  2. Use herbs for medicinal purposes.
  3. If you have an emergency go to the urgent care, they are faster and a whole lot cheaper then the E.R..
  4. When you go to the Doctor and get a prescription ask if they have some samples you could take instead.
  5. Ask if you get a discount for paying with cash.
  6. Try to buy your herbs and some of your vitamins in bulk in powder form then make your own capsules.
  7. Make your own cough drops, cough syrup, salves, and ointments.
  8. Learn some basic 1st aid so you don’t have to run to the doctor for something minor.
  9. Learn more about herbs there is so much you can heal and help with them.

In the Yard and Garden

  1. Put everything on a drip system.
  2. Plant things that produce something in your yard, no sense in watering something that doesn’t give back. Fruit trees, herbs, berry bushes, even tuck a veggie in somewhere.
  3. Cut your own grass. Many years ago I lived in a mobile home Park and the grass couldn’t be over a certain height or they would cut it for you and not for cheap, well my lawn mower was broke so I cut my grass with scissors for several weeks. (Not Fun, especially the week they went ahead and cut it, after I had used the scissors on it lol.)  
  4. Make your own patio furniture, use pallets or other inexpensive materials once again all kinds of ideas on the internet.
  5. Use solar lights in your yard for light.
  6. Use your grass clipping to make compost, along with kitchen scrapes.
  7. Use mulch to help keep the water from drying out as fast.
  8. Save seeds to use next year.
  9. Start your own seeds indoors instead of buying small plants.
  10. Water in the early morning or late evening.
  11. Use gray water to water trees and bushes.
  12. Ask friends and neighbors for plant starts and cuttings.
  13. When patio furniture cushions wear out recover them, new cushions are expensive.

Holidays and Birthdays

  1. Plan your child’s Birthday party at home or the park, there are all kinds of low cost do it your self-ideas for kids party’s on the internet. A couple I did for the girls were a puppy party and a under the sea. The kids loved them and they didn’t cost very much.
  2. Give homemade gifts for holidays and Birthdays, something from the kitchen, sewn, crocheted, wood work, ect.
  3. Large family, draw names and put a limit on the spending.
  4. Buy wrapping paper and decorations after Christmas on mark down, look for some that you can use year round. ( like red ribbon it can be used for valentines, and find wrapping paper that can also be used year round.)
  5. Need a gift bag get one from the dollar store for a dollar or make your own out of wrapping paper.
  6. Make your own party and holiday decorations.
  7. Have the kids make their own Easter baskets, or if you buy them get containers that they can reuse.
  8. Make your own Halloween costumes.
  9. Make your own greeting cards and gift tags.
  10. Instead of eating out for birthdays fix their favorite meal instead.
  11. Instead of buying a birthday cake make their favorite dessert or make the cake yourself.

Miscellaneous and Things I forgot to add to the different categories.

  1. Make your own sprouts very easy and very inexpensive.
  2. Recover your furniture or buy slip covers way cheaper then new furniture. I am in the process of recovering Joleens couches with sheets that I found at the 2nd hand store and dyed.
  3. Have rugs, sheets, towels, clothes that you don’t like the color of just dye them.
  4. Trade day care with a friend.
  5. Make your own vinegars.
  6. Want decorative candles buy cheap plain ones and embellish yourself.
  7. Save your bacon grease to cook with. I use bacon grease in my green beans best thing ever.
  8. Make your own hankies to use instead of Kleenexes, you can use old t-shirts they work great and are so much easier on the nose.
  9. Do your own taxes there are a lot of programs out there to help do this and it is so much cheaper than paying someone to do them for you.  I have always done my own taxes from when they were simple to now when we have the farm, daycare personal a couple other things.
  10. I know a lot of people like the Swiffer products if you use these make your own pads, and refill the cleaner with your own cleaner.
  11. If you have light fixtures that use more than one bulb just use one or two instead of all of them.
  12. Instead of a gym membership down load a free work out program on your computer, phone or tablet, Nike has a really good one.
  13. If you don’t use your cell phone a lot buy a track phone they make nice ones now and are a lot cheaper than some plans.
  14. Refill your ink cartridges I haven’t had very good luck with this but I know some people who that is all they do.
  15. Assign everyone a Towel for the week to use, you just got out of the shower how dirty can your towel get.
  16. Use rechargeable batteries.
  17. If you feed animals (chickens, goats, horses ext.) sprout their feed it extends it and adds more nutritional value to it.
  18. Get out of debt so you are not paying crazy interest rates, go check out Dave Ramsey to see how.

If you have any ideas not posted here please share. Love to here you ideas and comments. In the upcoming weeks I will be showing how to make and do some of these things. If you would like you could subscribe to the email and not miss any of them. Have a great day. 

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