Week 7 Deep Pantry / Food Storage Challenge

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A deep pantry a good thing to have.

Don’t forget to share what you were able to do this past week to have a deep pantry/food storage. Lets encourage each other. And if you have a question feel free to ask or if you have the answer to a question feel free to answer. Or if you have a tip or idea you can share that also. As I said lets make this a place where we can share and encourage to get that deep pantry.

5 Pounds Shortening, oils, or lard / Canned meat.

Shortening, lard, or oils. Shortening will last longer then oils if kept in a cool place. I keep lard and just rotate it, same as shortening if keep in a cool, place it will keep longer. I also have some tallow and lard canned which helps to keep it longer. Wal-Mart has 8 LBS lard for 9.78, 2 LBS 10 OZ shortening for 3.98, and 1 gallon Vegetable oil for 5.96, Get what you use so you will be able to rotate.

Canned meat, You can can your own or buy store bought. If you can catch a good sale on chicken, ground beef, stew meat or roast can your own it is super easy to can meat. If you don’t can, then just buy store bought tuna, chicken, spam, corned beef, or even freeze dried. If you watch for sales you can pick up tuna for 50 cents. Wal-Mart has tuna for 78 cents a can and 12 oz spam for 2.64, I forgot to check the price of canned chicken but I don’t think it is to bad. 

How is the garden planning coming along? Are you expanding or trying to grow some new things this year?

Have you ordered for your seeds yet, or got your seeds found and maybe even getting some of them started.

Add to your water.

Put a little more into your money stash. Remember every little bit helps and adds up.

Have a great week.

What did you do this week for your deep pantry/ food storage?

I didn’t get a lot done, have been trying to get things ready for company Saturday night, we are going to have a bunch of people over to play music. I did get several cans of chicken and beef broth that was on sale, A friend gave me several kombucha starters, I had some but didn’t get it taken care of like I should of I want to make some kombucha and some vinegars. 

So what were you able to get done this week ?

8 Replies to “Week 7 Deep Pantry / Food Storage Challenge”

  1. Nina

    I already have an awfully lot of beans and rice put back, both dried and canned, but added 3 more pounds of dried pinto and kidney beans and 2 pounds rice. (I like to have beans canned. It’s not only convenient but if something were to happen and I needed my water elsewhere I wouldn’t have to worry about eating beans! They would be ready. That’s the beauty of having canned goods, I think.) I bought 6 pounds of spaghetti and 5 pounds of Oat Flour for storage along with a gallon of coconut oil.

    I have all my seeds for planting and will be starting my veggie seeds for sprouting this coming week. Am looking at my small hotbox and considering throwing some lettuce and spinach seed in there for early greens although chickweed is everywhere here and we LOVE chickweed, in salads, for pesto, in water, on sandwiches and medicinally as well.

    I think it’s still too wet here in our part of the country to till up even one tiny row but if we can we’re going to plant a row of peas.

    I put a couple more gallon jugs of water away and canned up 7 quarts of water. I too am having trouble finding storage room.

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      Sound like you have it together.I love having soups and beans canned up they are so handy. I have to admit I haven’t tried chickweed going to have to make a point to try it now.
      I also have a lot of beans and rice stored, I figure they are filling go a long ways and are good for you.
      Have a great day

  2. Gentle Joy Homemaker

    Wow… love those shelves and all of the supplies on them… looks great. I planted 2 salad gardens Feb. 17, so that should help w/ early fresh stuff… our first frost free date here is May 1, so am taking a chance… it paid off last year and we had produce a month or more b4 most people here.

  3. Leigh

    I canned beans last week and added 14 quarts to the pantry. Having them ready to go is so convenient. I’m watching for meat sales now.
    Blessings, Leigh

  4. Jann Olson

    I did not accomplish a lot this week, Busy getting ready to host another estate sale. I will be buying my seeds soon at a favorite garden shop. Thanks for sharing with SYC.