300 a Month, Goals, & Menu.

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Well all the snow we had melted and the mud was almost all dried up and guess what it snowed overnight, we got at least 4 inches if not more, and it is a wet and heavy snow. Have to admit I was really liking the nice warm weather we had been having.

The Fire Dept. had our annual banquet and awards night last Saturday it is always a fun time. ( everyone in the white shirts are the retirees ). Good steak and shrimp. It is so much fun and so nice to all get together and visit. After the dinner and awards we have a dance and just hang out, good times. They always do a slide show of some of the calls that respond to during the year, there were some really cool pictures so I am going to do a separate post on them so I can share some of the pictures.


Andy got the kitchen and living room windows framed out, can’t believe what a difference it makes. Now I am trying to decide what to do with the living room windows I don’t really want the heavy curtains back up so not too sure what to do.

Well it is almost time to start calving seems as soon as that starts it just stays busy until next winter. It is always fun to see the new babies though.

300 a month

I didn’t do to bad this week did need a few things though. I needed to get some lemons to make some honey lemon tea ( more on this later), Also go a half gallon of milk ( sure do miss my fresh milk I was getting), some turkey lunch meat, tea bags, refried beans (have got to get some beans canned), flour tortillas, twist tie storage bags, trash bags, and a marked down coffee cake (for Andy’s snacks). Some of this I shouldn’t of spent and made myself (like the coffee cake, beans, tortillas, and tea concentrate) I really need to get a little more on track with some of this. Almost forgot I also bought a box of red wine to use to make red wine vinegar.

So I spent 54.13 this week, Add that to the 106.89 I have spent so far this month for a total of 161.02. Add that to the 332.91 for the year and it is 493.93 spent for the year.

This leaves me with 3106.07 for the year.



I made the rice crispy treats with the peeps, not that great. I didn’t get the crock pot meals put together I do want to try and get that done this week. I want to have more meals in the freezer before busy season hits.

Sewing Table,

I got the old zipper out of the overall and all ready to put the new one in so going to try and get it in this week. I put the little table up behind the couch and I think it is going to work great, I will be able to sew and still keep and eye on things.

Fiber Art,

A friend gave me a few balls of roving. I have been looking at how to dye fibers there are some really cool colors that I would really like to try. Didn’t get much work done on the afghan or Joleen’s hat this week hopefully this week.


This week is the number 6, Letter L, and Transportation.

Diet and Fitness,

I am back on track have started working out again and doing way better on the eating. I put a “awards” chart together for every 5 pounds that I lose I will do something for myself, I am still working on it but will share it with you next week.

The Menu for the week,


  1. Scrambled eggs
  2. Yogurt and fruit
  3. Waffles
  4. Cereal
  5. Cream of wheat

With this we will have toast, or whatever sides I want to have with it.


  1. Mini Pizzas
  2. Grilled Cheese
  3. Chicken Potato soup
  4. Mac and Tomato
  5. PB&J

Will have whatever kind of fruit I have, and crackers with the soup. For Andy’s lunch he will have leftovers from the night before.


  1. Leftover Pizza
  2. Taco Lasagna
  3. Potato Soup
  4. Pork Chops & Rice
  5. Rotel HB Helper
  6. Mexican Steak

Will have a veggie of some sort, and bread with each meal. Saturday or Sunday we will have leftovers.

Andy’s Snacks (He takes a snack for break at work)

  1. The coffee cake I bought
  2. Cheese cake

Kids Snacks

  1. Granola Bars
  2. Cereal
  3. Animal crackers
  4. Fruit snacks
  5. Oranges

Have a great week.

What are your goals for the week?