Just a Few Random Pictures from the Fire Dept.

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Here are a few of the pictures I was telling you about earlier.

This is one of the retirees getting his ax at the banquet, these axes are so cool.

This is one of the signs on the stairs in the new main station.

The Fire dept. goes to the elementary school every year and lets the kids look in the trucks, well this last year the helicopter also came to the school. I love these two pictures.

This is on one of the brush fires this past summer and the plane dropping slurry.

This is Joleen and one of the other guys on the same brush fire. 

One of our engines in the parade of lights last Christmas.

This is at one of the mutual aid fires that they helped on.

This is a training where they got to burn an old house, another one of the pictures that I really like. 

I love being apart of this family, everyone gets along and would do anything to help each other.

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