Out of the Ashes we Rise by Hope Sorrels ( The fires in TX, CO ,KS ,OK )

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Pic from The Atlantic

It is just heartbreaking what is happening in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Kansas. The lives and all the livelihoods lost. So many cattle and wild life. I just can’t imagine, every time I read something about it just breaks my heart for all those people. I just can’t even begin to imagine the pain and heartbreak when they have to go out and see all the cattle lost the mammas and the babies, the ones they are having to put down because they are burned so bad.

I came across this on Facebook and as I have said before I don’t often share other people’s post but I really feels this needs to be shared.

Please keep all these people in your prayers and all the people who are volunteering and donating hay and other things.

A vey good read  Out Of The Ashes.