300 a Month, Menu, Goals

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Ok I don’t know what the deal is time change doesn’t usually affect me, but holy cow this week has been horrible. I have just been tired, I have even been going to bed half way early, although I am getting up a 5:30. I just can’t get into the swing of things ( that is why this is so late in getting posted). Didn’t help that when the alarm went off this morning I shut it off and went back to sleep. I didn’t wake up until 6:20 and my first kids show up at 6:30 . Talk about wakening up quick haha.

We have started working on taxes in earnest so I haven’t been doing much else. Don’t think I have ever mentioned how much I dislike doing taxes, although if I would keep up with things thru the year they may not be so bad. I do start the year with good intentions but somewhere along the way I get busy and put off the book work, then before I know it it is tax time again and I am no where near ready. And this year not only do we have the farm, and the daycare I also have DoTerra and the blog.

It is starting to warm up whoo hoo, everything is starting to bud out which isn’t good because we always have a late freeze. I haven’t checked the fruit trees yet I hope they are not budding out yet. But I am loving the nice weather. So much better to calve in.

We had people over to play music again last Saturday night. Didn’t have near as many as last time but it was still good.Usually this would be that last one we do till next fall since after the time changes we get super busy. We have decided though to try and do a few over the summer.

I had to make a quick trip to town Saturday since we were having people over that evening , I didn’t do to bad on my spending since I was in a hurry. I made a big pot of chili so I didn’t have to buy a bunch of snack stuff ( Had a little left over from last time and I used that).

300 a Month,

Well I only went to City market which seems to always save me money (I don’t buy near as much lol).

All I needed was some salad stuff, Bath tissue, eggs, mushrooms( I really need to learn how to grow my own), frozen vegetables, chicken and I did buy a thing of cinnamon rolls ( I know bad bad) I knew I wasn’t going to have time this weekend to make Andy’s snacks for work so I went ahead and got these.

So I ended up spending 34.05.

Add this to the months 8.37 + 34.05 for 42.42.

Add this to 493.93 for the year for 536.35 for the year. That leaves me with 257.58 for the month and 3063.65 for the year. It looks pretty good this time of year come fall through I make up for it since that is when I buy most of my food for the year.


As I said before be busy working on taxes so I didn’t get anything in the kitchen, sewing table or fiber arts done this week. More than likely won’t have time for any this week either. So I will just move on to the daycare.


This week will be the letter M, Saint Patrick’s day, and rainbows (we didn’t get rainbows done last week.

Diet and Fitness,

Have been doing my workouts every day I did miss Saturday since it was kind of busy and crazy. Have been doing trainings for the beach body coach ( getting excited about this).

Menu for the week


  • Toast and Fruit
  • Oatmeal
  • Cheese omelets
  • Cereal
  • Cream of Wheat

To these I will add toast or fruit.


  • Fish Sticks
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Potato Soup
  • French Toast
  • Macaroni and Tomato

To these I will add fruit, crackers, or something as a side dish.


  • Green chili Enchiladas
  • Potato Soup
  • Ravioli’s
  • Salisbury Steak
  • Navajo Tacos
  • Frito Pie

To these I will add a vegetable and appropriate side.

Sunday or Saturday we will have leftovers


  • Cheese crackers
  • Cereal
  • Cheese
  • Fruit
  • Yogurt

Andy’s Snack

Store bought cinnamon rolls. I know bad bad.

What are your goals this week?

Have a great week.