300 a Month, Menu, Goals

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Sorry I am little late getting this out. I have been working on setting up for a weekly newsletter.” Frugal Tips Friday” If you would like to subscribe, there is a subscribe place on the left side. I plan to have a few things in it that are not on the blog. Some extra ideas and tips. Would love for you to subscribe. Hoping to get the first one out this Friday if not then for sure next Friday.

It has been cold, snowy and rainy this past week so not able to do much outside. Still had a fairly busy week though. We are still calving about half way done. I just love the new little babies, they are so cute.

Saturday Morning we went to the health fair I just love that they do these. I never go to the Doctor so this is nice that I can go get blood work done for a fraction of the price. I went ahead and had the normal blood work done but also added the Iron and Vitamin D test done. I am pretty sure both the Iron and D are going to be low, I have always had a tendency to be anemic and I haven’t been taking my vitamins and Iron like I should.

After that we went to the farm auction, It was cold muddy and snowy. Sunday the weather was a little better but we didn’t stay to long on Sunday. We didn’t buy very much Andy got a grain drill and I got 7 trees ( 4 Apple and 3 crab apple) Can’t wait to get them planted, I will use them to replace some trees that didn’t make it through the winter.

Still working on taxes so much for being done this week. I am running out of time so I guess I had better double down on them. (Have I mentioned how much I dislike doing taxes haha).

We got our seed starts transplanted they are coming up pretty fast. Hope they all make it I hate having to buy starts from the store they are so expensive.

300 a Month

I got my order from bulk foods I spent 173.38 on that. I also had to get Mushrooms, Butter, Bananas, yogurt, sandwich bags (for the strawberries and bananas),Chicken breast, coffee, Strawberry’s ( City market had Strawberries on sale for 1.50 a pound, I bought 24 pounds that I will put in the freezer).

So 173.38 plus 69.76 is 243.14 for the week and 243.14 for the month. That will leave me only 56.86 for the month. And the month is just starting.

Add that to the 720.10 spent for the year 720.10 +243.14 for a total of 963.24 spent for the year. Which leaves me 2636.76 for the year.


And again this week been busy working on taxes so I didn’t get anything in the kitchen, sewing table or fiber arts done this week. More than likely won’t have time for any this week either. Hoping to get the taxes finished this week though, running out of time I better get them done haha. So I will just move on to the daycare.


This week is the letter O, spring, and the color Yellow. Hoping to get to work on the back yard where I am expanding, I am wanting to put a tire pyramid like this one back there, It won’t be as tall and I probably won’t paint them.

And I have an old boat I am hoping to fix up for them to play on.


Diet and Fitness,

I hate to admit but I have slacked off on the working out I did real week the first part of the week then the last part completely dropped the ball. I have to get a routine established again I have just been trying to fit it in where ever instead of having a set time. Hoping to get back into routine this week.


I finally got bread made, and plan to make it twice a week now. I do need to get out some wheat to grind for it.

I have the strawberries to get done, I am going to freeze some by themselves and will freeze some in smaller bags with bananas added for smoothies.


With all the bad weather I didn’t get to work out side at all. The weather is supposed to be a little nicer. I want to get my trees planted, and the back patio area, and the fire pit area cleaned and set up. And the sawdust leveled up and ready for tires.

Menu for the week

I took Monday off because I had some appointments so the kids menus are only for 4 days.


  1. Scrambled eggs
  2. Yogurt & Fruit
  3. Cereal
  4. Waffles

To these I will add toast or fruit.


  1. PB&J
  2. Chicken Noodle
  3. Fr Toast
  4. Tuna Sandwich

To these I will add  fruit, crackers, or something as a side dish.

Andy will have leftovers from the night before.


  1. Potato Soup
  2. Salisbury steak
  3. Rotel H.B. helper
  4. Chicken Fried Steak
  5. Stuffed Peppers
  6. Cheese Spaghetti

To these I will add a vegetable or appropriate side 


  1. Cereal
  2. Animal Crackers
  3. Applesauce
  4. Fruit

Andy takes a snack to work every day (breakfast) to eat at break. I didn’t get the peach cobbler made last week so will make it his week.

  1. Banana Bread
  2. Strawberry Shortcake

So what are your goals for the week?

Hope you have a great week.