The Family Cloth

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OK I know this will not be for everybody. But it is something to think about especially when money is extra tight “The Family Cloth” it is kind of like reusable TP, actually I guess it is reusable TP. Now don’t run away yet, just hear me out. Just think, you would never run out, it is a lot softer then TP, it doesn’t rip or leave pieces behind, and you’re not filling the septic up with extra paper.

Now some people use them for pee and poo but I haven’t got that far yet ( maybe someday) it is just pee for now .I have a small bucket beside the toilet to put the dirty ones in then I throw them in with the whites ( I just dump the bucket in, that way I don’t have to touch them.) when I wash this way they get washed with hot water and bleach. (Just like cloth diapers) They don’t take up a lot of extra room in the washer, so I am not really paying extra for water and soap. I have to admit I really do like using them,.

I never could get Andy, & the girls on this bandwagon They think I am crazy when I come up with these things) but most of the time they come around. (Although don’t know if they will ever come around to this one  ha-ha). I do every now and then mention this when they are talking about how expensive it is to go to the grocery store, they just look at me like I have lost my ever loving mind haha. At least they know about it so when they start having their own family’s and money is super tight they will have an option.  If you start when your children are young they won’t know any different and it won’t be an issue getting them to use them. 

These are so cheap and easy to make . I just go to the second hand store and buy a bag of rags which is mostly T-Shirts bring them home and wash in hot water with bleach. After they are dry I cut them out. You could also use an old flannel sheet.

I use my rotary cutter which is so handy for this.

Just lay out your t-shirt

I have a 8×8 square that I use for a pattern just cut around that. Do this to all the shirt and you will have a nice little stack when done. I do not sew around the edges like some I have seen. Being t-shirt material it won’t fray so I see no point in sewing the edge.

So even if you don’t want to do this it might be a good idea to have some on hand if you run out of TP or if money gets extra tight.

So what do you think? Is it something you would consider doing?

2 Replies to “The Family Cloth”

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  2. Nina

    I did the whole cloth diaper thing and have a stash of cloth TP put away for emergencies . . . but I gotta be honest, even though I have to buy TP every time I turn around – I do like toilet paper ever-so-much better!! LOL!! Great idea though, don’t get me wrong. One never knows!!