300 a Month

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I am so late in getting this out, as I mentioned before June is such a busy month for us.

It has turned hot don’t know why it has to go from cold to hot overnight.

It was rodeo weekend, we went Friday night, they always put on such a great show. Got to see some of my daycare kids do the mutton busting and stick horse races. The little ones are so darn cute. I have been working nonstop in the yard I am redoing all the kids play area and adding a bunch of new things (More on this latter). I made some strawberry puree/syrup and got that canned I got 13 ½ pints, we got most of the garden put in. Still breeding cows and Andy has started cutting hay.

I am just going to do the last 2 weeks spending and what I have gotten done the past two weeks. Then Monday or Tuesday I will get back on track with goals and menus.

I am just going to add the last two weeks together. I got Chipotle peppers, bananas, yogurt, butter, tortillas (don’t have time to make my own right now) white vinegar, (Need to get some made) onions, cheese, spinach, lettuce, canned tomatoes,  and a  rotisserie chicken ( I got this for me on a night Andy was going to be gone, I will boil the leftovers for broth and soup). The rest of what I got was on sale, Sure Jell, Tomato paste Macaroni, strawberries, coconut water, and coffee. I spent 95.58 so that is 95.58 for the month with 204.42 left for the month. Add that to the year’s total of 1260.56 for 1356.14 spent for the year, with 2243.86 left for the year.

I have slacked a little on making my own yogurt and getting lettuce and spinach planted. I had held off on planting a salad garden since I wanted to do some raised beds in and area next to a shed but we just haven’t got them done yet. I may have to just put in containers for now.

Hope to be back on track with things next week, Have a great week.

One Reply to “300 a Month”

  1. Vicky in Ky

    Just do the best you can. Life takes over sometimes. As long as you feed your family that’s the important thing!