300 a Month

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One of these days it is going to slow down so I can stay caught up on this, I will be doing the last two weeks again.

It has been raining every afternoon for the past couple weeks. We are getting a lot. The other day we had a downpour for about 90 minutes, It was running over the road and a ton of water everywhere. I had cleaned out a cooler just before that and sat it outside to dry, by the time the rain stopped there was 3 ½ inches in the cooler. It even started coming into the mud room, so I had a bunch of water to clean up out of there.

Andy was gone weekend before last, so I used that time to work on getting some stuff organized and cleaned out. I have the spare room pantry all most done. It is going to be so nice to have everything organized and be able to see what all I have. I also started on the other room, I am putting all the daycare and craft stuff in it.

This past weekend we had a Birthday party for my youngest brother at my Dads. Always fun when we all get together.

Sunday I went to a ranch rodeo that one of my Brothers and Katie’s Boyfriend was in. It started raining right before it started then it down poured it was crazy, the arena was a muddy mess and most of the events had to be ran in the rain. It was a good time though. Knew several of the cowboys competing so that makes it real fun. My brother even got Katie to run in the ribbon roping (in the pouring rain), It is where the person on the horse ropes the steer and the person on the ground (Katie) has to run up after the steer is roped and pull a ribbon off its tail. Keep in mind the arena is super muddy and it is still raining lol. Katie ran barefoot because she was wearing bogs that were two sizes to large so her good shoes wouldn’t get ruined. She ended up running clear to the other end of the arena. The steer kept going in circles so she never could get the ribbon before they called time. She was pretty wet and muddy by the time she was done Haha.

300 a Month

I bought some spinach, bananas, turkey lunch meat, cheese, tea, and some Benadryl ( I like to keep liquid Benadryl on hand for if someone has an allergic reaction to something I can give them that.) apple cider vinegar, (I am out, and the one I have brewing isn’t done yet) and  chicken. So I spent 41.97 add this to last times 89.76 for 131.73 for the month, add this to the year’s total of 1668.76 for a total of 1710.73 for the year and this leaves me with 1889.27 for the year. Not the total I would have liked to seen at this time, I am going to have to start doing things a little different.

 We are going to Tri State for the fire Dept., we will leave Thursday and won’t be back until Sunday late so I’m not going to put any goals for the week since we will be gone same for the menu.

Have a great week.