300 a Month, Goals

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Well I am late again, I know nothing new lol. I do have a good reason, I have been sick the last few days. I even took a day off work which I very seldom do.

Saturday we put in a new window in the dining room. I was going to go to a roping that my brother and Katies boyfriend were roping in after we got the window put in. But we had the window out and the dining room all tore up so I decided it would be a great time to repaint and re do. So I ended up going to get paint and painting. Didn’t make it to the roping. I painted it a turquoise and I love it, as usual I forgot to take a before picture. We didn’t get the trim put up on the window yet will hopefully get that done soon.

We have our annual music festival that we put on every Labor Day coming up, so we have been trying to get things ready for it. I have to work Friday so I won’t go out until Saturday that way I can feed animal’s and we will only need someone to come do chores for us on Sunday. Andy is going to go out Thursday since some people will be coming in by then.

We got the slab poured for the shop we are building, in fact they are delivering the shop today. We still haven’t decided if we are going to put it up our selves or have someone do it for us. I know it will cost more to have someone do it but it would be up quick where as if we do it who know how long it is going to take.

Well we have another puppy, not sure how we went from two to five in a month lol. Katie moved and can’t take her dog with her so we took her.

300 a Month,

All I bought was 2 gallons of white vinegar ( for canning), a box of apple cider drink mix, 2 bags of candy corn candy, strawberry’s ( to make zucchini fruit roll ups) a # ten sized can of dehydrated onions, eggs, coffee  and a frozen pizza for Andy, I wasn’t even going to go to town but since I ended up going in to get paint I picked up these few things. So I spent 50.61 add this to the 287.64 for the month for 338.25. 38.25 over 🙁  .  Add this to the year’s total of 1998.37 for 2048.96 spent for the year. I have 1551.04 left for the year. Have a feeling it is going to be close.

Goals for the week,


I got some fruit snacks made from the zucchini, I did get the green chili roasted and peeled, I put it in gallon bags in the freezer till I can get it canned. I was gifted about 50 pounds of beef fat, I put it in the freezer till I can get to it.

 I do have some zucchini that I want to get in the dehydrator so hopefully I will be able to get a couple loads in before the weekend.

I won’t be able to get much of anything else done since l  will be gone over the weekend. I am going to take my spinning wheel and some wool and try to get some spinning done.

 I am also going to take my daycare preschool lessons with me and try to get a monthly daily schedule put together.

 I also want to work on a monthly menu with recipes and a list of what needs to be done at the beginning of the week for all the meals, to make it easier during the week ( like how much bread I need to make, If I need tortillas, or noodles ect). Then I hope to be able to make the doughs for everything I will need at once to make it easier, so all I have to do is pull out the dough and make what I need.  

I won’t be getting the chickens and milk goat until after Labor Day, I still need to get a pen put together for the goats and the coop ready for the chickens.

My cleaning and organizing challenge,

I have my room, the kids bathroom, spare bedroom pantry, sewing area, desk and the dining room done. I still need to get the kitchen, living room, my bathroom, laundry room and mud room to finish. Being sick has put me a little behind but hopefully I can get caught up. I really want to have everything done before I leave Saturday.


I am hoping to get a small fall garden planted, haven’t decided what all I am going to plant yet though.

I am not going to post eh menu this week since we will be gone for part of it and I am working on a new menu.