300 a Month, & Goals

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We have a new baby kitten which was complete surprise. I kept hearing a kitten out the dining room window and never could see anything, then the other day I saw it walking around under the window. It is so cute and has the bluest eyes.

Been a pretty busy last couple weeks. Labor day weekend we had our music festival, had a great turnout.. I had to work Friday so I didn’t get out there until Saturday, and I stayed until Monday, We cook breakfast and the main dish for the pot luck in the evening so it is a pretty busy day. All the things I had hoped to work on while out there, didn’t get any of it done. I always think I will have a ton of time but never seem to.

We started putting up the shop, Travis was able to come Saturday and Sunday to help. Hoping it goes pretty fast but so far not to fast lol.

I did start taking guitar lessons, I was taking mandolin, keyboard and voice lessons last year (school year) but didn’t get very far on any of them. I think I was trying to bounce around on too many things so didn’t learn much of anything, So this year I am go try and focus on the guitar to start with, and hopefully I can get it figured out, then move on to the mandolin.

I did get my cleaning and organizing done before I left (well except two outside windows washed and I got them done when I got home). Now just to keep up on them, I am working on a daily schedule to help with that.

I will be getting my chickens this week. The milk goat is paid for I just need to get a place fixed for her so I can go and get her, hopefully this week.

300 a Month

I bought 2 # ten sized cans of dried bell peppers, 2 more cases of green chilies, 3 pounds of Kale/spinach (was on clearance sale and I will dehydrate it), 3 large boxes of 30 gallon trash bags, 2 each of gallon and quart sized zip lock bags, 4 gallons of vinegar Milk, tortillas, strawberry’s, and juice,   So I spent 139.15 so far for the month and 2137.52 for the year that leaves me 160.85 for the month and 1462.48 for the year.



Been pretty busy in the kitchen with canning and dehydrating. Rendered half the fat I was given.  I got Green chili, chicken broth, beef tallow, chicken food ( I canned the beef cracklings for the chickens) cat food, breakfast burrito filling, green chili soup, peppers and chicken stock all canned. I dehydrated fruit roll-ups, and kale/spinach. I was gifted a quart of cream that I need to get made into butter. We cooked a turkey and some chicken quarters for the potluck and had a few quarters left so I took them and the turkey carcass and cooked it down for broth,I pulled a little meat off when done, then I pulled out the large bones and canned the rest for cat food.

So this week I need to finish peppers, can pickle relish, make more fruit rollups, Make a zucchini apple pie for Andy to take to work, I try to make a couple every year for him to take and share at work.  I also need to get bread made and powder the kale/ spinach that I dehydrated.

Sewing table and fiber art

 I have been so busy in the kitchen I haven’t even looked at any of these.

I am hoping to finish Katie’s afghan this week (I know it should already be done since I only have 4 rows left to finish). Then try to start on Joleens.


Another area I have completely neglected (and you can sure tell) I have to get the yard , front and back mowed this week. I need to clean the back patio area when we put in the window it got pretty tore up back there.

I also need to start harvesting some herbs. I still need to plant my fall garden (like right now).


We have started on the letter A, we are getting off to a slow start hoping to get back on track this week.


I am still working on a new monthly menu so right now we are just winging it.

Hoping to finish that this week.

Have a great week

2 Replies to “300 a Month, & Goals”

  1. Lady Locust

    Nice. I like how you’ve divided it into categories. We certainly have focus areas with each season. Question- what do you do with your powdered kale and spinach? I’ve dehydrated greens but never powdered them.

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      Lady Locust,
      I add them to smoothies and shakes,I am very anemic so I try to add as much kale and spinach when ever I can. You could add it to stews and other things to add a little greens.
      Have a great day,