26th Annual Bean Pickers Music Festival

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I do have to say this year started off with a little excitement. Andys cousin came down from Arizona early, so she was out there by herself. The very fist night she was there in her motor home she was sleeping and felt someone banging on the side of the motor home, she thought it was one of the neighbors dinking around so she yelled and it stopped well it started a few minutes later, so she got up and yelled and turned on the light. Well there was a bear crawling in through her window. It got in, she grabbed her gun and got off about 5 shots and it finally crawled back out the window. Gave her a pretty good scare. Pretty funny she has three very large dogs, she said they were behind her not barking or anything, they wanted nothing to do with the bear lol. She called fish and game and they were going to come set a trap ( they still haven’t set a trap out there).

When Andy and his nephew got out there a couple nights later they went looking for it. They saw a cub briefly but never the bear. So every one was kind of on alert this weekend since we we had several campers and a few of them were in tents. It did get into one of the neighbors chickens a few nights later and killed 5 chickens and buried them so it could come back to them. And another neighbor had it eating with his pigs, didn’t bother the pigs just ate their food.

We did kind of figure out she only hit it once, there were a couple bullet holes in her camper, and one in the side of our camper that we had parked out there. So the weekend did start with a little excitement. 

I didn’t get as many pictures as I would of liked, never do though. But here a a few.

As I mentioned we cook breakfast every morning. We do bacon, omelets and pancakes. We do all the cooking outside on a large grill.

Cooking bacon, we go through a lot of bacon. A lot of times we will buy the cheaper ends and pieces and cook that up along with the other bacon. We watch all year long for bacon on sale then freeze it.

Working on Pancakes and omelets, we were a little shorthanded this year with cooking so one of the ladies offered to help cook the pancakes. Andy cooks the omelets and I mix pancake batter and get eggs ready and keep the bowls full of omelet fixings. I was smarter this year and chopped all the onions and mushrooms at home and just took them in a bag ready to go, and the green chilies were already chopped and we buy grated cheese. That way all I had to keep up on was mixing the eggs, which I do a couple dozen at a time in a large pitcher so all we have to do is pour out onto the grill. I also mix the pancake batter in a large pitcher so we can just pour it out.

We use the same grill in the afternoon to cook squash on, we do a massive amount lol.

We were deep frying the turkey when we had a visitor, It liked the red in the pot holder I was able to get super close, I probably could of touched it if I would of wanted. Never been that close to a hummingbird.

I didn’t get a very good picture of the pot luck, didn’t even think of it till all most the end.

Here are a couple of some of the playing.

3 Replies to “26th Annual Bean Pickers Music Festival”

  1. Julie

    Oh my Connie, what a great post, my husband and I laughed imagining your relation shooting the bear. Frightening but funny and the dogs cowering behind her, just what ours would do! It looks as though it was an amazing time, next time do a small video of them playing I’m sure we would appreciate it all the way over here. We have a camper too and when we brought it home from Europe we had two migrants that had broken into the lockers, we discovered them during the night after hinting the noise was our neighbours, one was laying on the BBQ the other was laying on the chassis. I think my husband would have liked to have had a weapon but our gun laws are different. It’s a £2000 fine for each illegal migrant brought into the UK, so a good job they were frightened of him in his underpants wielding a WW1 cosh! still not as frightening as a bear! Our dogs didn’t even bark when they broke into the lockers! We laugh about that too now! Thank you so much for sharing a great post with great photos.

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      It is pretty funny now, Just glad she had a gun lol, And her three dogs are huge. That is a good idea about the video next time they play I will have to do that. They sound petty good together especially considering some of them only get together a few times a year. Lots of blue grass and old country with a little Gospel thrown in. I think running into people who were there and not suppose to be would be just about as scary as a bear lol.
      Have a great day