Fruit Roll Up’s with Zucchini

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These are pretty much like my zucchini fruit snacks. They are super easy to make and there a ton of flavor possibilities. You can use fruit juice or kool aid ( the Kool-Aid needs to be double strength ). You can add fresh fruit or frozen or just the zucchini. Add herbs or seasonings. There are tons of flavor options.  

I Start off like I do for fruit snacks (go here to see how) Boil the zucchini in whatever juice or kool-aid flavor you want.

When translucent and soft drain off juice. Puree in food processor pour in large bowl, then puree your fruit (I used strawberries) pour into bowl with zucchini and mix well.

I put mine on parchment paper so when dried I can just roll it up and cut. They peel off the parchment paper just like the store bought.

Layer about ¼ inch thick, then dehydrate at 130 for 8 hours or until firm.

I forgot to take a picture when they came out of the dehydrator so I unrolled one to take a picture lol.

I store mine rolled up in half gallon jars with a moister absorber and vacuum sealed. In the jar we eat out of I cut in I inch strips and store in a quart jar.

These are really good I am wanting to make more than I usually do since they go so fast.

6 Replies to “Fruit Roll Up’s with Zucchini”

    1. Post author

      Thanks,These are so good and so many different flavor options.
      Have a great day

  1. Kathleen Rupp

    Oh I love this! I will have to do this for the kiddies! Another way to hide some veggies in their snacks. Thanks for the recipe! Saw your post from the Tues. with a twist party:)

    1. Post author

      Thanks, My daycare kids love them and have no idea that they have zucchini in them lol. Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great day