A Quick Update

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I didn’t realize how long it has been since I posted a 300 a month. I will catch up on that next week . I need to find the receipts and get it put together.

I did my stress test last Friday. I don’t have the results back yet but I feel pretty confident all is well, I am making a few lifestyle changes like no caffeine nothing with aspartame in it and no sugar which I don’t do a lot of these things anyway but I am going to completely cut them out and try to start working out more and drop these extra pounds I have accumulated over the last few years.

I got my chickens a few weeks ago and they are finally starting to lay woo hoo fresh eggs.

I got all the herbs harvested before our first freeze, they are hanging in the pantry drying. We didn’t get very many tomatoes or peppers this year ( nobody around here did). I canned rotel out of what tomatoes we did get though. I put the bell peppers in the freezer and the larger ones I made some stuffed peppers to put in the freezer. Got most of the beef and pig fat rendered down and canned.  Dehydrated some rice, canned more green chili, found some mushrooms on clearance sale and canned those. I still have several large zuchinni to get worked up and two cases of green chilies.

Got all my fall and Halloween decorations out and I am working on getting them put up.

Both the girls moved the last weekend in September so we helped them do that. We acquired Joleens cat she couldn’t take it with her so I told her I would take it, she is a really good cat have too say I am really enjoying her.

Andy has all the frame up for the shop and hoping to get the tin (walls) put up this weekend he has a few friends coning to help. It will be so nice when it is all done, no more working on things in the dirt, mud and snow.

Looks like we will be going hunting the first part of November really hope we get something, seem like it has been forever since we have.

Last weekend we were going to go out of town for my Birthday but I made a deal with Andy told him it would save some money lol so he was all for it. I wanted to stay home and worked on a couple things that I have been wanting to get done but needed help with. So I would have his help all day Saturday and half a day Sunday which is how long we would have been gone so he wouldn’t of been able to do anything else anyway. We  got the area where I am wanting to put my raised beds pretty much all ready I still have few things that I need to do but I can do them myself. I had really hoped to get started on a root cellar but we ran out of time. We did figure out something else for the root cellar which I think will be easier and less time consuming (now to just get him to have time to help me with it).  

There is a family in our area that have bees and once a year they do a huge sale on honey, you bring your own container and they fill them for way cheaper than what they sell for normally. I got 3 cases of quarts.  

Well that might be about it. As I said I will catch up the 300 a month next week.

Have a great day.



4 Replies to “A Quick Update”

  1. Julie

    Glad you got the stress test out of the way and hope you had a lovely birthday weekend, so much better to get stuff achieved!

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      Thanks, And it was so nice to be able to get a few things done that I have been trying all summer to get done. Going out of town would of been nice but this was so much better.
      Have a great day,

  2. Lady Locust

    Glad your stress test seemed to go well. My you do get a lot done. I’m rather envious of your honey purchase. We don’t use tons, but of course it keeps forever. Also, how nice it will be to have the shop. I can’t remember where you are (sorry) but we’re supposed to have another winter like last over here (Eastern Oregon.)

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      Lady Locust,
      Thanks, and the shop is going to be so nice, We are in SW Co ( four corners area) It will be big enough I can even put a couple of my projects in there (If I am allowed lol). I don’r use a whole lot of honey but I am wanting to start switching to it instead of sugar.