300 a Month, Week goals, & Menu

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Not real sure where the times goes. I can’t believe it has been over a month since I posted the 300 a month.

It has been super busy around here trying to get ready for winter, finish the shop, and finish all the produce from the garden, Then my little ER trip didn’t help things.

The wind has been blowing like crazy the past few days and it is starting to get colder. We have had a fire almost every night for the past couple weeks. I am so not ready for winter.

Both girls moved last month so I was trying to help both of them I think we finally have them settled in ( at least I hope lol)

300 a month

I am hoping I have everything accounted for, I am just going to give totals sine it is for such a long time.  I am just going to combine September and October together.

I have spent 464.41 the past few weeks. So add that to the 160.85 from the last post for a total of 625.26. That puts me in the hole for the month by 25.26, so far this year I have spent 2601.93 . That leaves me 998.07 for the year. This is going to be close I still have to get potatoes, onions, popcorn, beans wheat, and I wanted to get a little more dried corn plus, whatever else we are going to need.

A few things I did buy was 36 quarts of honey, 3 more cases green chilies, 40 pounds potatoes, some extra TP for storage, cheese that was on sale, pasta that was on sale and several small items.  



I have been spending most of my time here, we got our pig butchered so we cured the hams and bacons. Smoked the hams and bacons and half the sausage meat. Ground up the sausage, regular and smoked. I rendered the lard to use for cooking and soap.

Canned cowboy candy, rotel, and green chili, dehydrated fruit roll ups, and dehydrated some rice, working on zucchini salsa right now. Put 16- 2 cups bags of shredded zucchini in the freezer for bread,

This week I need to finish the zucchini salsa, I have the last of the pig fat rendering down right now, and more rice in the dehydrator, and I have one more case of green chili to get worked up. If I have time I would like to get some sausage canned up. I really need to cut back on my freezer usage I have one freezer that is a energy hog that I would really like to do away with.

Sewing Table, and fiber arts,

As bad as I hate to admit it I still don’t have Katie’s afghan done. That is my main goal this week is to finish that thing I only have a few rows left.


I got all my herbs harvested, they are hanging up to dry. Got the area where I want my raised beds cleaned fenced and saw dust put in woohoo. Now I just need to spread the sawdust and get some raised beds made. Hope to work on that this week.

Put out some of the fall decorations then it got super windy so I haven’t got the rest put out yet hoping to do that this week. I also need to clean the yard and get all the toys picked up and put away for winter same for all the patio stuff.  

I got my chickens a few weeks ago and they are starting to lay super excited to have chickens again.  I need to get my fodder system set up for their feed, hoping to get on that this week.

Day Care,

I am now doing a separate post on what we are doing and what the months schedule will be. 


I have just been trying to throw stuff together, I really need a menu plan it makes such a difference in my daily life lol. I hope to get that put together this week. I am revamping the old one I had so I can be a little more on top of things like when I need to make crackers or tortillas and such.

So what were you able to get done this past week and what do hope to get done in this week?