Mending Holes in Jeans

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I learned this from my Grandmother, It was kind of a family joke that by the time my Grandpa got done with his pants they were more patch then pant lol. And this is pretty much how Andy’s pants are.

I had really hoped I could wait till winter to start mending some of Andy’s jeans, but he is running out of pants. And I really hate to buy more when there are a ton that need mended. He is really hard on jeans clothes. These are not super pretty when done but they are just work pants so it not to big of a deal.

First turn inside out.

You can either use an iron on patch or a piece of denim from and old pair of jeans. I save all old jeans even if they are not mendable you can use them for patches or quilt squares.

I used and Iron on patch here, just cut to fit then Iron on, If using a piece of denim cut to size and pin on.

Even if using a iron on you want to sew it down just run a stich along the edges.

If you can’t  turn the pant leg very well when you get to the corner use a back stitch instead of trying to turn and go forward.

After you stitch the patch on, turn right side out.

Now set your machine to a zig zag stich start on one side of the hole and just work the zig zag forward and back next to the last stitch line. Do this till the hole is all stitched.

Then turn and got the opposite direction till the hole is completely covered.

I used a a little darker thread so it would be easier to see in the pictures you can use a thread that matches a little better, then it isn’t so noticeable.

This winter I will show you how cover the entire leg when it is worn thin or has holes or you just want to reinforce the pant leg. And also how to patch a larger hole where this type of patching wont work.

Well I guess I had better go finish a few more pairs.