Shipping / Selling Calves

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We Shipped ( sold) calves bright and early this morning. I had a couple kids so I wasn’t able to go help gather and sort.  But I was able to bring the two kids I had with me to where we sold them. I had a three year old and a baby, the baby slept the whole time, and the three year old helps his dad with cows all the time so it was no big deal to him.( He even rides his own horse in the mountains when they are checking or moving their cows.) We don’t have enough calves for a whole truck load so we take them to a near by feed lot where we weigh them and other smaller operations will bring their calves to get a truck load.

We do also hold a few back to sell for beef and at least one for our beef.

Unloading some of  the heifers onto the scales.

This is the scale in a small room next to the scales. You don’t see these kinds of scales in use very often anymore.

Heifers on the scale just awaiting.

Driving through the scale to unload some of the steers.

Unloading some of the steers.

These are some calves that are already there.

Ours are hanging out waiting on the brand inspector. 

Here is the truck that will haul the steers.

This is the view just down from the scales.

And this is just cause I like old barns and buildings. 

Well that was my morning.

So now we will move cows to a couple different places till it starts to snow and we have to bring them home so we can feed them. Then around march we will start calving and start all over again.

One Reply to “Shipping / Selling Calves”

  1. Julie

    Beautiful blue skies, And so lovely to see your photos. I am a farmers daughter sadly my dad and brother passed away so the farm was sold but I remember those days when the calves went to market. The processing of pigs and beef for the freezer. We had stock in sheds in the winter then as you say out into the spring grass and the process starting all over again. Thank you for reminding me of some sweet times.