90th Birthday Party

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We threw a 90th Birthday party for my Mother in Law Saturday. We had a pot luck and a music jam. My Mother in Law loves blue grass music, she has played for years so she always loves when we have a jam that she can listen to. We had a great turn out, lots of good food and good music. I used red and purple for the colors and went with a music theme.

Here are a few pictures.

On this table I had a “What happened 90 years ago in 1927” a basket for cards and a memory jar for people to write a memory or well wishes in, also had the sigh in book on this table.

Here is a closer picture of the 1927 board. This was a huge hit. It was a lot of fun looking for the facts to put on here.

We had one table with some older pictures of her life.

Then the cake table. Had the party favors on this table, I made a copy of her favorite song and attacked it to a thank you for coming and a small bag of candy.

I went with a red and purple theme which are her two favorite colors.  I cut out music notes on the circut to hang on the mirrors with the Birthday banner and balloons. I made tissue flowers to hang from the ceiling.For the centerpieces I had all the flowers and jars left over from my parents anniversary party, so I decided to use them. I just added a couple pictures and a couple music sheet curls with some ribbon.

We left room in the back to set up for music.This was when we were setting up, so there wasn’t very many and after it git stated and every one was playing I was busy and didn’t get to get a picture I had also wanted to get  a video of the all playing but didn’t get it done. 🙁  .

We had the food set up in the other room. There was a lot of good food.

Didn’t think to take a picture till most every one was done eating.

Then we sang Happy Birthday. 

We even managed to get a half way decent family picture.

It turned out pretty good, Mary said it was the best Birthday party she had ever had.