Weeks of January 1st – 12th in Daycare

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We learned about the letter “I” and colored a letter I page.

We read about Danial in the lion’s den then colored a picture of it.

Then we colored Daniel, the lions and the Angel with a picture of a rock on top that they could lift to see under.

We read a felt board story ” What’s in the egg ?”

We also colored teddy bears and learned about the color ” White”.

We sang the Wheels on the bus every day.

The first verse was the wheels on the bus go round and round.
2nd the Baby on the bus goes Waa Waa Waa.
3rd the mommy on the bus goes shh shh shh.
4th the doggie on the bus goes wrf wrf wrf.
5th the kitty on the bus goes meow meow meow.
All the kids loved this song even the little ones.