Community Center Chili Supper and Pie Auction

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Every year in February we have a chili supper and pie auction to raise money for the community center. This building is used by the whole community for everything from weddings, funerals family dinners, fundraisers, and a whole lot more. It has a fully stocked kitchen, a separate room for the kids with toys and outside playground, it is a wonderful facility.

This is a comment that was put on the community centers facebook page which really sums it all up.

So … let me tell you what I’ve been up to tonight. A rural community gathering – a fundraising chili dinner and homemade pie auction. This very poor community raised $12,000 to $15,000 to support the Lewis-Arriola Community Center. More than 200 people, mostly cattlemen ranchers, farmers, and small business folks attended. We purchase pies at auction, many for $400 or $500 each.
The evening started with a prayer. Then, everyone stood and we said the Pledge of Allegiance. There was significant applause after the Pledge.
At that moment listening to the applause, I realized with perfect clarity what has gone wrong with this country over the last three decades.
And I thanked God that I am fortunate enough to live in this special place.


There was a great turn out two of the pies brought over 500 dollars each and they were both donated back and they both brought over 500 dollars again, one of them was donated back a third time and it brought 250 dollars the third time. All the pies went for well over 100 dollars. The pies are made by people in the community then donated to be sold. The hat in the center is a cake, we have a lady here who can make the most amazing cakes. When the Fire Department hosted tri-state a few years back she made a cake that looked just like an old-timey fire truck.

The 4-H kids came and helped set up and serve. The chili supper was 5 dollars per person. And a lot of people if that can’t make it will drop off a donation. As you can see though we have a lot of people who do come. It is a great time to come and visit with your neighbors.

And I agree with the commenter we are so blessed to live in such a wonderful community.