My Yearly Schedule

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This is the schedule that I try to follow throughout the year. It helps keep me online as to what and when I need to get things done since I get busy and scatterbrained. This way I am not at the last minute thinking about what needs to be done, and I have time to plan a little better. Although I am already behind not really sure what happened in January to get so off track so now I have to try and play catch up.


  • Make soap and cleaning supplies for 6 months
  • Can soups, beef vegetable, chicken potato, beef mushroom, green chili, burrito filling.
  • Tax forms for Daycare parents
  • Citrus,( Lemons, Grapefruit, and Oranges), canned,  frozen, jams,
  • Citrus Peels, candied, dehydrated


  • Plan Garden
  • Order Seeds
  • Start taxes
  • Finish Potatoes, dehydrated, froze, canned and soups
  • Cattlemen’s meeting and banquet
  • Fire Dept. Banquet
  • Community Centers Chili Supper and Pie Auction
  • Lotions, balms, salves, deodorants etc made for 6 months


  • Andy’s Birthday
  • Start seeds inside
  • Start calving
  • Start Kidding
  • Make soaps and cleaning supplies for 6 months ( I try to do these during the slow months to last all year.
  • Plan yard and play area.


  • Spring Cleaning
  • Start cleaning garden and herb areas
  • Brand calves
  • Animal sprays made
  • E.O. Blends made
  • Dandelions started, Jelly, tinctures and dried 


  • Chicken coop ready for spring
  • Start planting garden
  • Build new beds and get the old beds ready to plant
  • Backyard put together patio furniture,  flowers,   etc.
  • Fairy and Gnome Gardens set up
  • Front yard and front porch put together patio furniture etc.
  • Brand the last of the calves
  • Last of dandelions taken care.
  • pineapples canned ( they go on sale the end of April or first of May)
  • Start on Strawberries
  • Joleen and Katies Birthdays will have a family Birthday dinner
  • Strawberries, dried, frozen, jams, syrup and canned
  • Rhubarb, dried, frozen, jams, and canned
  •  Finish planting Garden
  • Camper cleaned and ready for summer
  • Start and breeding cows
  • Postcards sent for music on the river the 4th of July


  • Music on the river
  • Can jams freeze and dry berries
  • Start working on zucchini, jelly, fruit snacks, apple pie filling, dehydrated and frozen
  • replant lettuce spinach, radishes etc. 
  • Harvest Mullin and Yarrow
  • Start of fair
  • Move camper to fairgrounds


  • End of Fair 
  • Olathe music festival
  • Get sweet corn
  • Sweet corn dry, freeze, can
  • Dry corn husk and corn silk
  • Corn silk tinctures
  • Peppers froze, canned, dried,
  • Start tomatoes, Rotel, salsa, sauce, stewed
  • Invitations made for Labor Day Music
  • Green Chili, roasted, canned, froze, and dehydrated
  • Start picking pine nuts


  • Labor Day music festival
  • Dry Herbs
  • Tinctures started
  • Old herbs cleaned out and replaced with new
  • Fire cider started
  • Cough syrup started
  • Christmas list made
  • Homemade spice mixes
  • Cattlemen’s picnic


  • Pumpkins froze, canned and dehydrated
  • Pumpkin bread, cookies in freezer
  • Apples, canned froze dried, apple pie jam, apple butter
  • Fall decorations put up inside and out
  • Back and front yards ready for winter
  • Gardens cleaned up and ready for winter
  • Tomatoes covered
  • Put up last of garden produce
  • Wood stove ready for winter
  • Hunting
  • Hopefully processing some Elk and Deer meat
  • Fall deep clean
  • Family pictures taken


  • Start Christmas gifts not already started
  • Get Potatoes, onions, and pumpkins from NAPI
  • Pumpkins canned and dehydrated
  • Pumpkin seeds roasted
  • Get leftover sunflowers from friends farm after they harvest
  • Make soaps
  • Christmas cards and newsletters ready to mail
  • Can meat from hunting
  • Take down fall decorations
  • Put up Christmas decorations inside and out
  • Order fruit from FFA
  • Finish Christmas shopping


  • Finish Christmas decorating
  • Mail Christmas cards and newsletters
  • Finish gifts and wrapping
  • Make cookies and bread’s for Christmas
  • Fire Dept Christmas party
  • Family Christmas Dinner and party
  • Daycare Christmas party