February in Review

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It has been a very busy month and I am still way behind, not to sure what happened but it seems like I can’t get caught up ugh. ( although being sick for two weeks defiantly didn’t help).

I started on the Fair board and that has really been taking a lot of time. I am going to have to get a little more organized if I am going to get it all done haha.

We started off with the Cattlemen’s meetings and banquet. During the meetings, we had several speakers from BLM, Montezuma water dist, Forest service, several political candidates and officials to name a few.

Then that evening we had the banquet, awards, and dance.

They gave away the Brand Quilt which once again I didn’t win. I keep saying I need to make my own.


They awarded the Cowbelle and Cattlemen of the year. They also awarded a distinguished service award this year which is something they don’t often do. It was pretty cool though it was awarded to my Sister in Laws Dad.

Vanishing Breed played the dance they are a very good local band.

I didn’t get very many pictures guess I was to busy having fun haha.

That next week we had the community centers annual pie auction and chili supper. They do this every year to help raise money for the community center. Always a great turn out and a lot of money raised

. Then the week after that was the Fire Departments banquet and awards.

These are all the people on the Fire Dept. that work or have worked where Andy works.

These are the flowers and card I got from Andy for Valentine’s day. I made him a big batch of cinnamon rolls which he would rather get than anything.

We put in a corner post for the electric fence around the haystacks. The cows kept knocking down the post and the fence so hopefully, this will keep them out.

Well it should keep the cows out but Star seems to think this is wherer he is supposed to be haha Although Andy doesn’t seem to find much humor in it.

Some of the cows just chillin.

Had our first calf the last day of February.

We did get a touch of snow not really enough to matter but I guess every little bit helps.

That was about it for February, I can’t believe it is already done. Time is already going by to fast.