Canning Caramelized Onions

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I love caramelized onions, they are so good on sandwiches or just warmed up for fried onions. These are super easy to can, and you will always have onions on hand.

First I started with a large pan of onions.

Peeled off  the skins
 Slice in half.
Then cut into slices.


I filled a large roaster pan with the sliced onions and two sticks of butter or margarine. I did end up adding one more stick of butter add as much butter as needed to keep from sticking.
I cooked it for several hours as you can see it reduces down a lot about 3/4 and very browned. Then put in your pint jars you do not need to add anything else. Put your lids and rings then pressure can for 75 minutes at 15 pounds or what your owners manual recommends for your altitude 


 As you can see they do get a little darker in the canner. I have always warmed them before I use them. A great way to keep your onions