March in Review

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Another busy month, time is flying by and I don’t even know where it goes.


We started the month off sick, we were going to have people over to play music the first Saturday of the month but called it off because Andy was still sick ( and for him to call off playing music he is really sick).
I am still working on fair stuff, got the web page up and running, now working on getting and setting up events.


The second-weekend was the Ag Expo. We went out to it and while there I handed out some vendor forms for the fair.
They had a chicken chase for the kids it’s always fun to watch all the little kids running around trying to catch the chicken. Then some lucky parent gets to carry a box with a chicken in it the rest of the day till they go home hahaha
They also had a log sawing event for the kids they get to help saw the log.
Then they get to brand it. My nephew thought it was pretty fun.
That week we had a set of twins which we haven’t had in a couple years. They were so tiny and so cute.
The next weekend we went to a machine auction. Someone was selling all of their machine shop.
Andy has been wanting a metal lathe for some time now, and we were able to get this one
plus all the tools and stuff that go with it. He tried to get the mill but someone wanted it a little worse then we did. We figured for about the same money we could go buy one somewhere else. We got the lathe home and put in the shop and Andy is now a happy camper.
Bella ( my goat ) finally kidded she had three but two either died after she had them or were born dead so I have one kid a little girl. She is the cutest thing all the daycare kids just love her. She had a hard time starting to suck so we had to supplement her for a few days but all is good now and she eats like a little piggy.  I am now milking Bella, I have only been doing it once a day but will probably start doing it twice a day starting Sunday.
Katie is living in our rental in town and we have been wanting to put a fence up for some time, well Joleen was thinking of moving in with her and she has a dog, so we needed to get it up. We went to the local sawmill and got a bundle of slabs to build it with. It smelled so good there, but I love the smell of fresh cut wood.
Here they are loading us. The slabs are still green so they are pretty heavy.
While we were there he was showing us some beetle-kill lumber, it is gorgeous. You can’t see it very well in the picture but it has blue, red, and yellow in it. He gave me a couple really long boards to bring home to use for signs. I can’t wait to get then sanded down.
I was able to finally take my serger lesson that Andy got me for Christmas. I am in awe of all the things you can do on a serger. I made a lined zippered bag all on the serger. This isn’t the one I made it was the example. Mine is a little larger we ran out of time and I still need to do the two side seams which will be pretty easy.

This one doesn’t do it justice, it has ruffles and is gathered down the side. As soon as I am done with it I will post some pictures. I am very excited though to start using my serger more.


So that was about it for March.