A tribute to a cowboy gone too soon.

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Last week we lost my daughters best friend the person she had planned on spending the rest of her life with. He had just turned 22, two months ago. He was a part of a dying breed a “Cowboy” Something he had wanted to be and do since he was little. And he was a wonderful and talented one
He loved roping riding, working cows, and training horses and he was great at it. He had a huge heart and there wasn’t much of anything he wouldn’t do for a friend or a stranger for that matter.
Tomorrow with very heavy hearts in the arena where you spent so much of your time we will stay good bye to you.

If you click on the picture it should take you to the slideshow ( You do have to have FB for it to work)


Here are just a few of the messages that his friends have left on FaceBook

To my best friend, my brother, thank you for all the memories. Thank you for the wild and fun times. Thank you for teaching me so much. Thank you for always been there for me and having my back, ever since we were little. I will cherish every memory we made together. You will always have a special place in my heart, I’ll miss you every day and I’ll love you forever.

will forever live on in our memories and in our hearts. I’m deeply saddened by this very unexpected loss and continue to pray for peace and understanding for our entire family. I love reading about what an incredible young man he has become and seeing all the lives he’s impacted. And how he’s accomplished his dreams of being a cowboy.

To the Yesterdays that are Gone. To the Cowboys You use to Know, to the Bronc Busters who Rode Beside You, To the Horses that Rode Underneath You. I Take Off my Hat. To the Best Hand I Know.

It’s so hard to find the words, , I am going to miss your smile and the way you always had us laughing. You were just easy to be around! You loved life and we were blessed to have you in ours. Until we meet again…

a rebel with a heart of gold. You’d give anyone the shirt off your back and were the last to judge. You always treated people the same no matter who was around. It shows what a great guy you are by the friends you have from all walks of life, from cowboys to bikers and even city slickers you always had their back no matter what! You are a true cowboy with such a talent and passion for horses. You never knew what fear was, and tough as hell. There was never a dull moment when you were around. You will be missed and never forgotten!!!

Here are just a few pictures

He was a cowboy and a friend
You hardly ever seen him without a grin
He was wild and fun
As for a better man you’ll never meet one
And oh how he loved to catch wild cattle There wasn’t a bronc he wouldn’t saddle
Though he’s left us with a feeling of hollow
He was a hard act to follow
As the life of the party he was the best
Now he’s passed life’s final test
He’s rode up the trail and crossed over that divide
Where the gras is green and stirrup high
Now he gets to spend eternity roping with St. Peter
At the big pen in the sky

A cowboy rode alone one day,
rooundin up some strays,
When he paused atop a gentle rise,
where he could see for quite a ways.

There was the hills and the valleys, and the trees, and clouds,
as far as the eye could see.
And he began to quietly contemplate,
just how this came to be.

It didn’t look like no accident,
like some folks tried to teach.
To believe that would take believin’,
against what his mom had always preached.

So he listened to the gentle wind,
that rustled through the trees,
And watched a deer go running by,
as pretty as you please.

He marveled at the hawk up high,
a ridin in the air.
Removing his hat, he bowed his head,
and spoke this simple prayer:

“ Sir, I don’t know much about,
how this ol’ world came to be,
I just know you made a place,
for cowboys like me.”

“ So thank you, Sir, for given’ me,
a place to work and ride,
Where I can see your handiwork,
with you right by my side.”

“And thank you for that simple book,
that tells us of your son,
You must be really proud of him,
and what he went and done.”

“I am really proud and humbled
‘bout what your Book does say,
cause your’s showed us the way.”

“ I know how much you love this place,
I really love it too.
So I’ll do my best to care for it,
in everything I do.”

“Thanks is not near enough,
to say how I truly feel.
But I know you can see my heart,
and know my words is real.”

“I gotta go now, Sir,
and finish out my day.
Thanks again for all you’ve done,
and given me my say!”
by,- Lloyde Shelby

So with broken and heavy hearts, we will say goodbye until the day we are all reunited. Rest in Peace Brandon you will never be forgotten.

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