April in Review pt. 1

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Well, April was a hard month along with being busy. We lost Andy’s Mom the first of the month then we lost Katie’s boyfriend in the middle of the month so needless to say it has been a hard month.


It was a busy month also,
First, we laid Andy’s Mom to rest she was 90 had had a very good life.
Then that first weekend we went to Farmington so Andy could help his cousin play at the Elks. We went ahead and stayed the night in Farmington and it actually rained while we were there. I had just about forgotten what rain looked like. We did get a little of the same storm at home.

The farm auction was that same weekend so we missed most of it ( first time ever). We did get back in time to stop by for the last little bit. First time ever we didn’t buy anything. Woo Hoo we didn’t have to worry about getting all the “stuff” home.
Andy Built me a stanchion to milk Bella ( my goat) on.it works great.
The next weekend was the gun show, I had to work a booth for the fair Saturday.

Andy came and sat with me for a little bit so we walked around to see what all they had. This was my favorite thing that I found haha. A tin foil hat although I think I need a much larger one. 🙂

We were going to brand that Sunday but decided to break into two weekends. So we just worked the cows gave them their vaccinations and pour on ( for lice and flies). Just doing that makes for a long day so glad we broke it into two days.

I had the next Friday off so we ran out to the old homestead to check on things. We have some of our horses out there. This is Toby we got him about 5 years ago when he was still a colt.
These are my Brother in laws two donkeys and another of our horses Rosey.
Andy decided while I was there to help him we would run to the back and get the jeep that he uses for odds and ends. He left it out there last fall when he was working on a fence line and thought he would get back to it. Well as usual things keep coming up and he didn’t get back to it. Well, having set all winter the mice and other assorted varmints decided it was a grand thing. They chewed through a lot of the wiring and built a few nests in it. We got the one flat tire aired up then towed it back to the house. One day when Andy has the time he will take a trailer out there and bring it home to work on.
I am breaking this up into two parts since there is so much for this month. So the rest of the month will be in pt 2.