April in Review pt 2

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So here is a recap of the last part of April.
We started building our raised beds. We are using the leftover slabs that we got for the fence. We still have several to make and then to start filling and planting. I am so excited I have wanted to do raised beds for some time now.

That next Sunday we branded the calves. My brother came down with three of his girls to help.

They were a huge help and I am pretty sure they slept good that night, they worked pretty hard.

While my nieces were here they named the baby goat, they named her Boppy which really fits since all she does is jump around haha.

We went out to pick dandelions for jelly and salves. As you can see we had a helper. Anytime we are outside Boppy has to come see what is going on. She is almost too big to get out of the fence and she is going to be so sad when the day comes and she can’t escape.

Well, one of the twins that we had last month wasn’t getting enough groceries from Mama, so we are having to bottle feed it. We built a pen next to the goat pen so it would be easier for me to get to it during the day. The kids just love coming out with me to milk Bella and feed the calf.

My lilacs are starting to bloom I am really hoping they don’t freeze since it has been several years since I have had lilacs bloom.
This is one of the crab apple trees same thing hoping it doesn’t freeze but not going to hold my breath haha.

As I mentioned, in the beginning, we lost Katie’s boyfriend. We had the services last week and I just wanted to share a few pictures from it since it was a western style service and you don’t get to see many of these anymore.