300 a Month

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Well, I am really really late with this, this time. Hopefully, I can get it caught up and stay that way. As you could see with the April reviews it has been a very busy month. Hoping May is a little better.


I have started milking my goat twice a day, I am getting just under a half gallon a day. My chickens are really starting to lay I am getting between 6 and 9 eggs a day. My bread making has been on hold for the past month so I have had to buy a few loaves of bread. I had let my kombucha turn to vinegar so I got the 3, 2 1/2 gallon jars restarted. Been working on fair stuff and stuff for the SW farm to yarn. Finally got our taxes done and sent, at the last minute I might add.


300 a Month
As far as my spending I am just going to put the totals and go back to posting what I bought next week. One thing about it being so busy I haven’t had a lot of time to go to town to spend money. I have spent 241.00 since my last post in March so for all of April and half of March. This leaves me with 2991.42 for the year.



I have a confession to make, I have started using my dishwasher it has been several years since I have used it, in fact, it was storing my extra pans and lids. Well, I cleaned it out and started using it I have had so much going on that keeping caught up has been near impossible. I have several boxes of dishwashing soap in storage so I have been using them. Pretty sure though when I get my water and my electric bills I will stop.


As I mentioned above I haven’t been making bread the past few weeks so I am hoping to get back to doing that.
I bought 21 pineapples so I will be canning them this week.
Sewing Table,
I finally got to take the serger lessons that I got for Christmas. I never realized how much you can do on a serger I made a zippered bag just using the serger. I keep thinking of all the things that I can do with it now.
I am wanting to start working on the girl’s quilts again would really like to have them done by there birthdays in June.


Fiber Arts
I have crocheted several all cotton washcloths, I am wanting to sell some soaps, bath products in addition to balms, salves, and lotions this fall at the craft fairs. Thinking the all cotton washcloths will go well with them.
I bought a small loom to start learning how to weave then after I get the basics down I want to move up to a larger one.


Yard Work
There has been much done in the yard. We did get a couple raised beds put together with several more to go. Need to get out and get the yard ready for the kids to play in it and I want to start on the back patio and the area where my herbs are planted.
I let that slip by the wayside so hoping to get back on my workout schedule this week.


Since I am close to the end of the week I am not going to post the menu. I will start it back up next week.



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  1. Jean | DelightfulRepast.com

    Connie, you have a lot on your plate — I’d definitely be using the dishwasher! I just got my very first dishwasher several years ago, and I don’t think I could do without it. I don’t know about electricity, but it doesn’t use a lot of water. It’s much more efficient than the dishwashers of old.