Weeks of May 1st to the 11th in Daycare

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I am hoping to get started back to getting this posted once a week. I didn’t get many pictures so I will just go with what I have. 

This is the sensory box I did change the theme for it to construction.

We made flowers and baskets for Mayday.

We made rain clouds with shaving cream, water, and food coloring they thought it was great to watch the food color go to the bottom through the shaving cream.

You can’t have shaving cream out without playing in it haha.

We colored a book and learned about the letter “R”.

We talked about trains then colored a train and a color page, then made a conductor hat to wear.

Here are a few of the books we read.

Helping to feed the baby calf.

Kids and baby goat helping to pick dandelions.

Going to try and start taking more pictures when we do stuff and getting them posted once a week.