Thursday Throwback Lake Powell

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I am starting something new. I am going to do a throwback Thursday. I am going to share a few things from my old blog, mostly pictures and some of the things we did when the girls were younger. So this week is our trip to Lake Powell a few years ago. It was so much fun. I really want to go back.

My brother has a houseboat there and invited us for a long weekend. I have to admit I sort of drug my feet about going, I am terrified of water. (Nearly drowned when I was younger.) They finally talked me into going, and I have to admit I’m so glad they did I had so much fun.

You can see just how low the water is, Andy said it was up quite a bit from when he and Travis were there a few months before. Hopefully, with all the snow we are getting it will come up a bunch this spring.

Just cruising out in the middle.

Yes, we are going to go in there.

 We went through there and it opened up to a lot more, you can see the little alcove.

We went and hung out and played in the alcove for a while. This is looking out from under the alcove. It was huge inside there were about 6 other boats in there with us and still a ton of room. Kind of funny to think that when the water level is where it is supposed to be all this is under water.

Joleen, Andy and my Brother playing in the water.

 After that, we went and rode around for a little more, till we came to this narrow gap we stopped and Joleen, Travis and my Brother decided to swim into it.

They got back there pretty far, then started jumping in off the ledge.

 After riding a little longer we went to the marina and got some ice cream. These fish hang out and wait for someone to feed them. Pretty funny to watch them swarm when someone throws something in for them to eat.

Joleen trying to learn how to ski, She got pretty good after a while.

 Here are some ducks just chillin in the water, They would dive down and be gone forever then all the sudden pop back up.

 It was a super fun trip. They even got me in the water with a life jacket. Have to admit once I got comfortable I was in the water a lot (even when I couldn’t touch the bottom) Although I did stay by the houseboat. When we were out in the boat I wouldn’t get out, maybe next time.