A Super Cool Surprise

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This has been a very interesting week. On Monday I had a friend request from someone I didn’t know and she wasn’t friends with anyone I knew so I just dismissed it. Well, Thursday Katie calls me and starts off with I have two nieces and a nephew and they are so cute. I am like what??? She proceeds to tell me she got a message from a girl telling her who her bio Dad was and was wondering if it was hers also. It was. (Joleen had also got the message but didn’t get it till she accepted the friend request.)


The girls Dad had had two kids way before we were married and he had given up rights to them and I didn’t know much all I had was the boy’s name. After we divorced I tried to see if I could find them and never had any luck. Well, the Daughter found out a couple years ago that she had two half sisters so she started to look and after as pretty intensive search she found us.

It was the girl who had friend requested me on FB so I went back and accepted it then I also got a message from her wanting to know if we were who she was looking for.  I messaged her back on FB and we messaged each other for some time, then we talked on the phone for close to an hour. She is super sweet.

I am so excited that the girls are finally going to get to meet and get to know their Brother and Sister. We have all been talking and texting ever since. Pretty sure there will be a road trip to Texas planned soon. It is absolutely the coolest thing.