Throw Back Thursday, 4th of July in Silverton CO. pt 1

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I am starting something new. I am going to do a throwback Thursday. I am going to share a few things from my old blog, mostly pictures and some of the things we did when the girls were younger. So this week is 4th of July a few years back. I love Silverton pretty sure if there were any way possible I would live there, year-round at that haha. ( In the winter you usually can’t get in or out because of the snow). It has been a couple of years since we have gotten to go which is sad since it use to be a yearly thing for my family.

This was is a yearly event for my family. We take the jeeps and go camping at Silverton. Silverton is one of my favorite places ever. It is a very old mining town. You generally can’t get to it in the winter because of the snow.

We left Wednesday afternoon and got camp set up. We all camp in the same spot. This year it was two of my brothers and their families, Mom, Dad, Travis and us.

The morning of the 4th they have the parade.

Here are some pics of the parade

This guy was playing the bagpipes it sounded so good.

a float of the train.

Dressed up like old trappers. He was shooting the musket (just powder no ball) it was very loud.

unicyclist in cowboy hats.

This is a big Jeeping weekend so the parade is full of Jeeps the green one is one of my brothers, the middle and last jeep have their front tires on the next jeep, pretty cool to watch them do it.

An old-timey band.

The fire truck comes last and sprays everyone.

The girls right before they got wet. At the end of the parade, they have a water fight at the fire station.

This is the train coming in. It starts in Durango goes to Silverton and stays a while then back to Durango. Many years ago when the train pulled in they would have a shootout, it was way cool to watch but like a lot of things they had to stop because someone got hurt.

 You can even get a stagecoach ride.

The girls got old time pictures done we had ours done when we went to the stock show

After the parade, we went back to camp and got ready for the fireworks you have to get a spot early because it fills up fast. Silverton has the largest fireworks display on the western slope. People come from all around to see it. We take stuff to grill for supper while we are waiting.

The Fireworks are amazing and extra load, there are mountains on all sides so the booms have extra loud echoes.

Afterward, we headed back to camp. I will do the next day in part two there is just too much to put in one post.

4 Replies to “Throw Back Thursday, 4th of July in Silverton CO. pt 1”

  1. NRP

    Silverton and the 4th of July is, and always will be, a yearly event for me.

    I’ll tell ya-all right now if you want to TRUE feeling of Patriotic People and a City that is truly Hometown America, then you have to see/live this event.

    I have a very good friend that owns the Golden Block Brewery, he lets me park my camper at his house right downtown for the weekend or month 🙂

    I will warn you though, there is more fun in one weekend than most can imagine, All the way from the Parade (BTW Connie, you forgot to mention the Fly-Over by two or four F-18s and sometimes an Boeing AH-64 Apache, it’s absolutely AWASOME!!!!) to the Rhubarb Festival whereas you can get a slice or whole pie (Tis a fundraiser for the Library). Last time I was there I bought a total of 4 pies…. HAHAHAHA

    A little word of caution, the Fireworks Show is the BEST I have ever seen, and the sound (BOOMS!!!!) bouncing off the mountains is unbelievable. I have seen a LOT of fireworks shows, this is honestly the very BEST! And yes the Volunteer Fire Department has taken back over the Fireworks since the City (typical .gov) did such a horrible job and cost the people of Silverton thousands of $$$$$.

    AND let me tell you, there will NEVER be some POS kneeling when the Flag goes by and the National Anthem is playing, well, not without getting his azz kicked by a hundred people anyways. OUR Flag, OUR Anthem, OUR Country. Don’t like it, leave. Ok, political statement over, sorry all.

    A word to Ranchers Wife, ya need to still go, it’s a GREAT event and well worth the trip, as you well know.

  2. Post author

    You are so right about small hometown America, It is such a good feeling there. I completely forgot to mention the flyover that is one of the best parts lol.

    You are so right about the best fireworks ever. I am so glad the Fire dept took over I had heard that it had gone downhill when the city took over.

    Andy helps with a music festival on the river every 4th so that is where we usually are but this year with it being in the middle of the week I am hoping we can make it ( even if for the day). I am planning on trying to go one way or another this year, this is one of my favorite things to do and life is to short haha.

    I keep trying to figure out how we could live up there ( year round lol) Andy says that would be fine if I pack in the firewood haha.

    Have a great Memorial weekend.

    1. NRP

      Rancher’s Wife
      You do understand why the houses in Silverton have doors to the outside from the Second Floor, correct??? HAHAHA

      1. Post author

        Yes, yes I do hahaha That’s why I would have to be the one to do the firewood because someone I know is just NOT going to haul that much wood hahaha ( not to mention he thinks I am out of my mind for even thinking that ) hahaha. 🙂