Throw Back Thursday, 4th of July in Silverton CO. pt. 2

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You can go here for part 1 

The next morning we got up ate breakfast then loaded up to go jeeping. We got a little way up and it started raining. Travis didn’t have his top on so he and the girls got a little damp.

There are so many old mines and shafts.

This one they are fixing up.

They have the mine closed up in the back. See how yellow the rocks are in the water, from all the minerals.

We had to get inside to get out of the hail storm.

Drove for a while more than we stopped for lunch.

The water in all the lakes is so clear, you can almost see the bottom. See the jeeps in the bottom right hand that kind of shows how far up we were from the lake

This kind of shows how steep some of the roads were. Although the two passes we went on last year were way worse, in fact, I got out and walked a couple times last year.

It is so pretty up here.

We were almost 13,000 feet it was a little chilly there was snow in a few places.

Part of an old ghost town.

You can’t see it very well in this picture but there several old mines down there.

It’s almost like being on top of the world.

this is in pretty good shape.

And this would be the bathroom That I got locked in. Everyone thought it was very funny (I didn’t) I went in and locked the door well got ready to leave it would not unlock. It is a very unsettling feeling to be locked in the outhouse many miles away from anything. They finally got it unlocked and the first thing my dad asked me was why did you lock it. It is just habit to lock the outhouse lol

Headed back into town.

Almost everywhere you look there are old mines.

We got back to camp and we loaded up and went back home Andy wanted to go down to the river to play music. I love jeeping up there so much to see.

2 Replies to “Throw Back Thursday, 4th of July in Silverton CO. pt. 2”

  1. NRP

    I will agree there is a LOT of very beautiful country around this area; If your heading up there please make sure you have the right equipment and vehicles. A lot of the Passes there are Jeep Trails only, anything larger and you will not make it. Black Bear Pass comes to mind.
    Take a close look at those Jeeps, they are setup that way for a reason.
    And for crying out loud, take some “stuff” with you aka a coat!!!!! And Water.

    1. Post author

      You are so right about beautiful country, and taking a coat, when you get to the top of say Black bear or Imagene (SP) it is cold and windy even if it was hot on the bottom. Guess I should put a disclaimer on this” Don’t try unless you know what you are doing or going with someone who does” haha Plus if you don’t like heights DO not do haha.
      P.S, Not sure why it put your comment into moderation Word Press does weird things sometimes.
      Have a great weekend