May in Review

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The first Saturday of the month we decided to treat ourselves to dinner at the casino we hadn’t been out there in forever. We both had the buffet and ate way more then we should of haha, They have the front fixed up really cute so I had to get some pictures.
I love these huge vases that water spills out of. It looked so cool with the lights and being dark outside.
That next Saturday we went to get some more wood pallets for the fence in town. While we were there we were talking to the owner ( Andy has known him since he was little) we got to talking about the beetle kill pine I didn’t realize that they take the trees that are beetle kill and make lumber out of them. They are so pretty he gave me a few pieces to take home. They have blue, red and yellow colors in them. I am not sure what I am going to do with them but I want to be able to keep the color showing through. Going to have to think on it a bit. Can’t wait to get them sanded down to see the colors really pop out.
Then Sunday we went to some friends to play music he has turned an old shop into a little music hall, It is super cute. He has an old pop machine and an old jukebox in there that I didn’t get a picture of.
My first tulips that came up and for the first time in forever my lilacs bloomed and they smell so good.
The next weekend we had a big Mothers day dinner at my Mom’s I made some chocolate covered strawberries and a broccoli salad. I haven’ made a broccoli salad in forever since it calls for sunflower seeds and I am allergic to them. But I decided to make it and just substitute almond slivers for the peanuts, it was so good.
This is what the girls got me for Mothers day. I love it. Although I love pretty much anything Montan Silversmith.
I canned a bunch of pineapples that next week I had bought 3 cases to put up.
Then the 19th we ran over to Olatha to pick up Andy’s Mom’s little camp trailer that she had parked at some friends. I want to redo this camper already looking at ideas of what I want to do.
They have a couple peacocks here is one in the tree.
And one on the ground.
Some of the mountains peeks on our way up.
The last weekend we drove up to Groundhog lake when we got up there we could see the beginnings of the house ridge fire ( the first fire in the area ) this is how it was on the way up and this is how much it had grown by the time we got off the mountain.
We went up pretty far here are a few pictures going up.
This is about halfway up looking back down at groundhog lake.
There is a large area of this slide rock that we have to drive through.
We stopped here and ate lunch it is so nice and peaceful up here. We use to hunt a lot in this area several years ago but it got where there wasn’t many Elk so we moved over to Taylor mesa.
Some Columbines ( Colorados State flower ) the picture doesn’t even do them justice.
A few more flowers along the way.
Lone Cone off in the distance. I always said I was going to climb it but never have made it. There is a notebook on top for people to sign who have made the climb. It is a pretty good day hike.
Was another busy month.