Dehydrating Frozen Hash browns / Potatoes

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Here is a super easy way to dehydrate potatoes and hash browns especially if you are strapped for time or don’t have an inexpensive source of fresh potatoes.

Use frozen hash browns

Country style for shredded potatoes

And Southern style for cubed potatoes.

As I said very easy

Just pour the potatoes onto your dehydrator racks.  If you have large holes in your racks you will need to use your fruit roll-up sheets. Or make your own sheets to use like I do for small vegetables and fruits.  I get large sheets of window screen at the hardware store for not very much. They sell it by the foot so it is easy to get just what you need. Then I cut it to fit my trays.

Dehydrate at 125 for about 12 hours or however long your dryer takes. I store in gallon size ziplock bags and in quart jars. When I put in jars I go ahead and dry pack them.

You can use the shredded for hash browns just rehydrate and fry up.

The cubed you an use in soups and stews.