Throw Back Thursday, Breeding Rodeo Stock

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I am starting something new. I am going to do a throwback Thursday. I am going to share a few things from my old blog, mostly pictures and some of the things we did when the girls were younger.

I took the day off, well sort of. Andy had to go bred some rodeo stock about 60 miles south of here. The girls are still gone on their FFA trip and he needed someone to go with him to help, so I took the day off and went with him.

The cows were given a set of shots to synchronize them to all come into heat at the same time. This way you can AI all of them together. I don’t know a whole lot about doing it this way. We just run a marker bull with our cows to let us know when they are ready to breed. It does take a month to get all the cows that way though, instead of breeding all in one day. You still have to run a cleanup bull with both ( to bred the ones that didn’t take). The way we do it we get about 85 % doing the shots you only get between 40% and 65 %.

Here are a few of the cows that we bred. Being rodeo stock I figured they would be pretty wild but they weren’t too bad. Just lots of horns and I hate horns.

They put them in  a chute so Andy can get to them from behind,

Here he is getting ready. Looking for the cervix.

As soon as he finds the cervix then he inserts the semen.

Here is one of the bulls. How would you like to ride that?

Here is a picture to the south of where we were. Just a lot of sand and dirt.

This is to the east more of the same. Would hate to be here when the wind blows.

And as we were leaving. Not much out there. They take the cows to the mountains in the summer to graze them.

 On the way back we stopped so I could take a picture of Shiprock. Many many years ago this was a volcano.

As you can see there isn’t much around it. just kind of sticks up all by its self.

It is so funny how you can go 60 miles in one direction and this is where you are.

And you can go about 60 miles in the other direction and this is where you are. Guess that’s why I love it here, so much variety.