Throw back Thursday, Parents 40th Wedding Anniversary Party

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My Dad and Stepmom’s 40th wedding anniversary was the 20th, so all us kids decided to throw them a party. Out of the 10 kids, 6 were able to come, My sister from Houston was even able to make it.

 We rented the community center, this place is great it has a large kitchen and a playroom for the kids, a playground outside, tons of tables and chairs, a sound system, everyone in the community uses it for all sorts of events.

We are setting up, getting the tables ready.


A couple of my brothers rolling out dough for fry bread. Love this kitchen it is large enough to do all the cooking here. I need a kitchen this large at home.

We had smoked brisket and pork, baked potatoes, salad, rolls, fried bread, steamed corn stew, it was all so good

My brothers built this arch to put at the entryway, we were going to put a few bales of hay around it but decided it looked good enough without them (plus a whole lot less messy).

People are starting to trickle in. We had 160 that rsv’ed so I figure we had right around that amount of people. A really good turnout.

We had a slide show going the whole time with pictures from the last 40 years. Dad and Mom got up and thanked everyone for coming and told small stories about all us kids.

This is the guest book and pen holder. We took some wood to refection’s in metal and had them etch this picture into the wood for the cover of the book.

This is the cake we got. I have to admit out of everything this was a little bit of a disappointment, was not what we really thought we were going to get and it didn’t taste very good at all. It was nice but for the money that we paid for it, I really felt it could have been better. A lesson learned here always see the work in person, and ask for a sample of the cake.

All the kids pitched in and bought them this queen size Pendleton blanket that we had embroidered with “Happy 40th wedding anniversary from all the kids”

After we got all cleaned up, we moved the arch and took some family pictures. here are a few of the kids and a few of the grandkids and a couple great-grandkids ( not even half though).

It took a lot of work and we have been planning since last November, it was so worth all the work as it turned out really nice.