June in Review

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The first weekend my niece was getting married at Vallecito lake we took the camper and stayed the night. We were directly to the west of the fire that had just started in Durango and we could smell the smoke pretty good. You could also see the smoke from different locations. It was such a nice wedding.

On the way home, we drove by some of the burn areas from the bad fire in  2001.

This is from my house you can see all three fires the large one on the right is the Durango fire. Not only could you see all the smoke you could smell it too. There were a few bad days that were pretty smoky,

The next weekend we had another wedding to go to my cousin was getting married it was close enough we didn’t need to stay the night.

The next weekend we went to Farmington to pick up this bad boy. My 2nd cousin was selling it I have been wanting one for forever.

We went ahead and stayed the night. While we were there we went to see Andy’s cousin and had a nice visit his wife was making these with wire and fingernail polish. Going to have to make some myself they would be great in little fairy gardens. They are so cute and so easy to make.

The next week I started redoing the camper I wanted to at least have the kitchen redone before we went to the river on the 4th. 


 And after

I am so excited to get it all done.

The next weekend we were gifted a little greenhouse so we went to get it and of course, we had to have a flat tire on the trailer before we got there. I told Andy at least it wasn’t while we were bringing it home.

This is it after we got it home I need to put the missing panels back into it, I am so excited for it, have wanted one for a long time.

That last Wednesday after work we took the camper down to the river for the 4th. Got a  great spot since we were the first ones down there.

During the month I canned 40 pints of Strawberry Lemonade concentrate, 20 pints of bacon, 17 pints of BBQ pulled pork.  20 pints of strawberry jam, 16 pints of strawberry syrup, froze 4 gallons strawberries. Also worked on the garden off and on.