300 a Month, Goals ,& Menu.

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Holy Cow I can’t believe it has been two months since I have posted a 300 a month.


It has been a very busy 2 months though. The end of June we were gifted a small greenhouse super excited about that, I do need to do a little work on it but it will totally work for what I need.
I also started redoing our camp trailer I got the kitchen all done love how it turned out ( more on it later).


The week of Ju;y 4th we camped down on the river for a music festival than on the 4th we went to Silverton while we were there we toured the old 100 mine it was so cool ( more on those later).
The weekend after that we were going to go over Imogene pass to Silverton and come back over Ophir pass but we were having problems with the jeep so we went back home to work on them so while Andy was fixing that I got a few things done around the house.
The next weekend we went over Ophir pass ate lunch then went into Silverton went and then came back over Imogene.


We did have to put our old dog “Luke ” down he was getting so bad he could hardly get around and then the last few days he wasn’t even eating. He will really be missed he was a great cow dog and was so so good with all the kids. I am sure he is in Heaven helping Brandon chase cows.


Then the weekend of the 28th we took the camper to the fairgrounds so I could start staying out there for fair. Didn’t get home until the evening of Sunday the 5th. By the time we got chores done and I doctored my Mama goat, it was 9:30 and I was wiped out.
My mama Goat got sick while I was gone,  Andy said the last couple days she wasn’t eating but I couldn’t get home to check on her and Andy wasn’t getting home till late to get chores done.
I got sick late Sunday night fever and all was sick for two days guess being so tired my immune system was down. And on top of that my Mama goat died on Monday, I am so bummed about it. I am trying to find another one.


I was able to get away from fair Saturday night so I could go to the fire depts Tri-State banquet. Mancos hosted this year so it was nice to be able to go to the banquet even if I didn’t get to got to all the events.


In between all that I am redoing a lot of my daycare stuff I have a new curriculum and rearranged my living room so I can have an are set up for a dramatic play area. ( More on that later) Really excited about the changes I am making.


I have also been helping Joleen she is in the process of buying a house so proud of her they should be closing on it this week or next. Been helping Katie get stuff gathered up to start back to school she is going  to do it one line and get her accounting degree.


Hoping life can get halfway back to normal now, whatever normal is haha. Although I decided to plan a family reunion for next June to try and get all of our family here we have a very large family and are scattered all over from N.Y., Washington state, Florida, Texas and everywhere in between. So now I have a massive amount of yard work to get done.


We have a couple new fires not very far from us and the smoke from them has been horrible we live I a draw and it just settles in during the night then takes till afternoon to go away. Even my clothes that I hang out smell like smoke. So ready for the fires to be gone.


300 a month,

As I mentioned last time my money is super tight this summer so I have been doing most of my “shopping” from my deep pantry (  thank goodness I have had that). I haven’t spent very much but have had to get as few things. I did have to buy some tea, bread ( didn’t always have time to make bread)milk ( for daycare kids) lettuce, spinach, bottled water ( to take to fair), some stir-fry vegetables with sauce ( to take to fair to eat), some chicken,3 cases of corn, raviolis and some cashews. I did really well at fair I didn’t buy one thing from the concession stands just ate from my camper ( saved a ton doing this).


So I only spent 48. dollars add that to what I have spent for the year 78 + 967.55 for 1045.55 for the year. that leaves me 2554.45 for the rest of the year. I will start the monthly totals again next week.


So Here is what I have done to save this past couple weeks.
  • Hung all clothes out to dry.
  • Took all my food to fair.
  • Made 6 gallons of Kombucha (I am drinking a lot of this so trying to get more going.
  • Made all Andy’s meals and snacks before I left so he wouldn’t have to eat out.
  • Got several dozen eggs from my chickens.
  • Picked 6 gallons of chock cherries from some friends place.
  • Started some aloe vera plants from my larger plant
  • Mended some of Joleen’s pants in exchange for her helping me with daycare kids so we could leave early for the river.
  • Made my own play dough for the kids
  • Made my own curtains for the camper
  • Made Butter


I am in the process of rendering the beef fat from the cow we butchered so I want to get it finished, I have two cases of corn to get canned I had another case that I put in the freezer, get some chicken chipotle canned, work on some of the freezer meals for the girls ( still haven’t gotten them done) get bread made.


I have 3 baby blankets to make so I want to at least get one cut out and started this week.
Fiber Arts
I would like to get a   crochet baby blanket started this week.


I have a three-page list of things I would like to have done before the reunion next June so hopefully, I can get started on some of them but for sure I need to mow the back yard and get some new grass started. With the drought, I kind of let the grass go and concentrated all my water on the trees so now most of my grass is dead so I want to get it reseeded before fall.


The big garden is doing great, my raised beds not so much I think I got them plated late. I do want to get the rest of the raised beds put together so I can [lant a few things for fall and have them ready for next spring. I also want to get a couple raised beds built by the chicken coop for mint and lavender to use in the coop.


What I am reading,
Haha I haven’t even had time to think about reading I do need to try and finish “The end of Alzheimer’s”  since my Step Mother is starting to show the early signs of it.


I had been doing pretty good before fair at working out but haven’t been doing to good since so I need to get back on a schedule with that.


I am wanting to get a couple new notebooks put togteher one for all my daycare info from the lesson plans to parent info and one for the family reunion so I have everyone’s addresses and info for teh cook book we are going to put together plus everything I need to get it put together.



  • Oatmeal
  • Toast & peanut butter
  • Cereal
  • scrambled eggs
To these, I will add toast or fruit


  • PB&J on Tortillas
  • Mac & tomatoes
  • French Toast
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Chicken Noodles
To these, I will add fruit, vegtables,  crackers, or something as a side dish.
Andy will have leftovers from the night before.
  • Scrambled egg sandwich
  • Meatloaf
  • Chicken Fried Steak
  • Cheesy Spaghetti
  • BBQ meatballs
To these, I will add a vegetable or appropriate side. One weekend night we will have leftovers.
Friday we will go to a Fair Board Appreciation dinner that we are putting on for everyone who helped with the fair, then Saturday my Brother is having a dinner for everyone who helped with the Demo Derby ( he put on the demo derby at the fair).


Kids Snacks
  • HM Fruit Rollups
  • Applesauce
  • Fruit
  • Graham Crackers
  • HM Donuts
Andy’s Snacks
  • Zucchini bread
  • Mock Apple pie with zucchini
Andy takes a snack to work every day (breakfast) to eat on his break.
What are your goals this week?


Have a great week.

2 Replies to “300 a Month, Goals ,& Menu.”

  1. NRP

    Great to see you back Rancher’s Wife;
    First of all, I 1000% believe in the “Rainbow Bridge”, if you don’t know what that is, look it up.

    Personally I did a couple of HUGE splurges in spending $$$$ this past month, NOT good, but I’ll have a few GREAT bottles of imported wine in the Deep Pantry, Actually snagged the very last case of 6 of the 2008 Gravner Venezia Giulia in the US.

    Also I have GOT to keep away from Sam’s Club and Wally World. But again, the Deep Pantry is about to where I want it. 5 years’ worth of “stuff” is very VERY comforting.

    I also have hit a few Goals this month;
    Finally put into work my retirement plans for the end of the year. Now the work really starts as to all the projects coming up. People say once they retire they have NO idea how little time they really have now, CAN’T WAIT!
    Got my Road/Driveway fixed, OUCH!!!! But it’s good to go now, no more ruts YEA!!!
    Lost another 3 pounds, 400 to go HAHAHAHA.
    Garden is almost a complete failure, not good, but this heat and drought is just hard to deal with, maybe next year.
    About it, except I took up playing Golf at the age of 65, AM I NUTS!!!!????

  2. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

    Thanks, and I also believe in the rainbow bridge.

    Haha good wine in the pantry is always a good thing.

    Sorry about your garden, parts of my garden are doing great but my tomatoes umm not so much. Hopefully, we will have a winter so next year isn’t so darn bad.

    And Golf ????? hahaha
    Have a great day.
    Connie aka Ranchers wife