Reprioritizing and Doing Away with the “ Super Woman “ Complex

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I wrote this the other day when I was feeling completely and absolutely overwhelmed not to mention I hadn’t sleep very well the night before, I even posted it for a half a day. Now that I have had a little more sleep I am not feeling quite so bad ( I still have all the to-do list ). I thought about deleting it but thought again because I am sure that all of us at some time or another think this way and just get so overwhelmed we don’t think we can get it all done.  I am working on a follow-up post to this that I will be posting in a couple days.


As I am writing this my house is a wreak and I have a ton of stuff that needs to be canned, a ton of yard work that needs to be done before winter, I am so far behind on this blog, I haven’t been able to get soap made ( that should of been done months ago), the dramatic play area for the daycare kids should of been changed out 2 weeks ago, I have several ideas for blog post that I want to write, and that is just a few things that need to be done. Ugh.


I think this weekend it really hit me that I am “NOT SUPERWOMAN” no matter how hard I try there is just not enough hours in the day to get everything done that I put on my list. Then there always seems to be things that get me sidetracked like one of my daughter’s will call with a problem so I am on the phone for an hour with her, or the cows get out and I have to help get them in, someone will drop in to visit, and there always seems to be something that takes twice as long as I thought it would. I have gotten so busy that even doing the things I enjoy are become more work than fun.


Sometimes I think I set myself up for failure I put so much on my to-do list thinking I can get it all done “I just need to work a little longer on things”, you know trying to be that “superwomen”, others can get it all done so I should be able to. Their houses and yards are perfect, some home school their kids or watch their Grandkids or have outside jobs and they all seem to get it all done. So why can’t I? I am not really sure when I decided I could be superwomen (although I think most women try to be) and get it all done you know keep the house sparkling clean, get all the canning done, all the yard work, watch kids all do and do lessons with them, plus have time for the things I like doing like crocheting, soap making, reading, and not to mention keeping up on the blog. And doing all the running around we do. Secretly I think I have always been that way so I don’t know if it is because this past year has been a pretty hard one emotional, mentally and even physically that I just can’t seem to get in the grove anymore.


I guess I need to try and reprioritize and do away with some of the ideas I have on what has to be done, and realize I am not “Super Women”. That there are just some things I am not going to get done and maybe even try to find help for some things, kind of like when I started using the dishwasher a few months back. (I can’t even begin to say how much that has helped) . And start finding joy in the things I love doing and the things around me again.


So do you ever feel like you have way more on your list then you can ever get done?

3 Replies to “Reprioritizing and Doing Away with the “ Super Woman “ Complex”

  1. NRP

    I just replaced the “Super Woman” in your article with “Super Man”.
    Life seems to have gotten overwhelming, and getting wayyyyy to hard.
    Or should I say “Did”?

    I have, in the past few months (as the Garden went all to hell) finally figured out this simple question.
    “Am I enjoying my life”?

    This is simple, and here is my thinking on why. I know there are things that have got to be done, such as Laundry, so make it fun. Try to make doing Laundry part of a game of such, try tossing something to the Dog and let him carry it to the Laundry Room (not the good silk PJ’s) and chase him around a little, or let him drag the Basket of clean clothes out to the Line. Or just for craziness grab a handful of soap and wash the clothes you have on in the shower…. Don’t work very well, but you’ll get a chuckle out of it. And if you tell someone what you did they will look at you like your CRAZY!!!!

    How about doing dishes? First make sure they are pre-washed via same Dog. Toss everything in the dishwasher turn that sucker on and sit down and read a book or take a quiet walk with same Dog.

    Now I know this don’t sound like much, but I’m telling ya right now working ALL THE TIME is not good for ya, stressing out over dinner or anything else will give ya a heart attack ASAP, then what ya going to do?

    And guess what, if something doesn’t get done…. SO WHAT!!!!!
    Is the world going to come to an end? Or the Sun not come up tomorrow?

    Please don’t get me wrong, life is HARD, but you had better enjoy life, for before long you’ll look back and say “What the heck Happened, where did Life go, and why did I not do XYZ when I still could.

    FYI, My house is also a total WRECK!!! Canning here is in full swing, and Stuff needs doing.
    BUT guess what……… I’m going to play Golf this afternoon 🙂

  2. Post author

    Thank you so much! and thank you for the giggles ( I may need an inside dog lol) and I am kinda liking the idea of taking a shower and washing my clothes at the same time haha.
    Sometimes I just need to put things in perspective. You are right it isn’t all about work have to have some fun along the way.
    P.S. How is the Golf coming along?
    Have a great day, and once again Thank you 🙂
    Connie AKA Ranchers Wife

    1. NRP

      Golf report, I have finally gotten an “official” handicap and am kicking butt in the tournaments, won third in a “Shootoff” and first place in a 4 person “Scramble”, so fairly well have everyone mad at me…. HAHAHA