Week 37 Deep Pantry / Food Storage Challenge

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“A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. Proverbs 27:12

Remember having a deep pantry isn’t just about having extra food on hand. It is also about having the means to survive in an emergency situation, having all the extra food isn’t going to do you much good if you can’t cook it when the power is out. If you are having a hard time trying to afford filling a deep pantry read my post on “having a Deep Pantry on a tight budget.”


Don’t forget to share what you were able to do this past week to have a deep pantry/food storage. Let’s encourage each other. And if you have a question feel free to ask or if you have the answer to a question feel free to answer. If you have a tip or idea you can share that also. As I said let’s make this a place where we can share and encourage others to get that deep pantry.


50 Pounds Sugar / Toilet Paper

50 pounds of sugar or a couple quarts of honey, Pour your sugar out of the bag into a bucket and add a silica jell pack and it should keep indefinitely. If you store honey it to will last forever. If it sugars up just warm it in the microwave or place the jar in a pan of water and warm the water till the honey is smooth again. If you do heat it in the microwave you will lose some of the good properties of it.


Toilet Paper, This is one thing you can never have too much of. You could also put back some family clothes family clothes more on that here.


Are you getting any information on herbal remedies? You can find a ton of information on the internet. You might want to start with one local herb and study it and start using it, then move on to another after you have that one figured out.
Have you found a wheat grinder? You can pick up a hand grinder for under a 100 dollars. This would get you started. I used my little hand grinder for several years till I could get an electric one.


What I was able to get done this week.
I bought some more grapes to juice, and 9 gallons of honey. I harvested some pine needles ( for tea), and some more zucchini. I canned 9 quarts and 7 pints of dill pickles, 14 quarts of peaches, I also canned up some of the simple syrup that I had left over from doing the peaches, 7 quarts of grape juice, I pit 4 gallon bags of shredded zucchini in the freezer, and got a gallon of cough medicine made.


What were you able to get done? 






Have a great week

2 Replies to “Week 37 Deep Pantry / Food Storage Challenge”

  1. NRP

    Morning Kid-O

    As usual I have a ‘thing’ to add Honey, no no no I’m talking the Bee kind of honey hehehehe
    Never and I do mean NEVER heat honey in the Nuke…. it literally destroys it.
    Warm it slowly in a hot water bath, but do not let it get above 120 degrees…..

    Now to a favorite subject TP, the going joke on many of BLOGS is “Is 600 rolls really enough?” Now that may sound like a lot of TP, butt you do the math, 1-2 rolls per person per week for 5 people in the household….. and along comes Hurricane Frank that wipes out Wally World, now what? Corn Cobs, Bark, how about old Newspaper? I’m wondering how the Lady’s of the house would go for that?
    Do yar-selves a favor, buy some extra TP

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      You are so right about never putting honey in the microwave, but if you are cooking with it I don’t know hat it will matter as much since you are already going to get it over 120 degrees. Personally, I like it when it sugars up it is kinda like candy lol.

      I really don’t know if a person can have too much TP haha.

      Have a great day