September in Review

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Labor day weekend we had our annual bean pickers music festival. we had a pretty good turn out. I was even able to stay out there the whole time and not have to come home. Normally I have to go home a couple times to feed and do chores but I was able to get Joleen and Katie to do them for us. It was so nice to just kick back and not have to rush around. 

On 9-11 the fire dept hosted a commemorative stair climb we grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for everyone. All the departments from the surrounding area showed up it was great you can read more about it here 

That next weekend we went to get honey, love getting honey here it is so so good, we got 9 gallons.

After that, we went to Andy’s company picnic.

Then we loaded up the backhoe to take over to Travis’s he needed to use it for a bit. Was a very busy Saturday.

Sunday we decided to drive up and look at Groundhog lake and all the burn areas.

It looked like a large puddle. From where I took this you shouldn’t see anything but water clear to the hill.

This is some of the burn area.

On the way back we stopped at a little Mexican restaurant to eat and they had this donkey on the shelf it is made from sicks and nothing else it was pretty cool. It was a plant holder.

That next weekend we cleaned out one of the sheds the dang mice had gotten into it and destroyed a ton of stuff not to mention how gross it was.

The next weekend Andy had to go AI a cow down the road at the dairy. They have such cute cows.

That Sunday we had dinner at my Brothers for my nephews Birthday can’t believe he is turning 15 seems like yesterday he was born.

After we got home I was outside doing some stuff and I tripped and fell I want to tell you I am way to old for that nonsense it hurt (and still hurts ) like crazy.

I canned 9 quarts and 7 pints of dill pickles, 14 quarts of peaches, I also canned up some of the simple syrup that I had left over from doing the peaches, 7 quarts of grape juice, I put 4 gallon bags of shredded zucchini in the freezer, and got a gallon of cough medicine made.

Been a pretty busy month.