300 a Month, Goals & Menu

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Well, my fall pretty much caught up with me this last week. My shoulder and arm have been pretty sore this week so I didn’t get a whole lot done. I did work on a quilt a little and got one of the afghans 1/4 of the way done. I also got my Halloween / Fall decorations out.

We are finally getting some rain and it has been wonderful. The mountains even got a little snow.


Friday afternoon we went over to Joleen’s and lite her gas fireplace heaters. What should have taken a few minutes took a couple hours they had things set up on wall switches and it took us forever to get it all figured out but we got it so she has heat now. Got home and I picked the last of the garden. Then Andy had a dance to play and I stayed home and just chilled out and worked on an afagahn.


Saturday we went to Farmington to take our sheepherder’s tent to Andy’ys cousin that has a heavy duty sewing machine so she could replace the zipper for us since we are planning on using it this year at hunting camp. While we were there I had to go to hobby lobby was able to get the rest of the yarn ( it was on sale woohoo since I needed a lot) that I am going to need for the afagans for Christmas presents, also got some more fabric for another baby blanket that I need to get made. Found a restaurant supply store that had some really great deals bought a few things there. Ended up not getting home till 9:30 which we had really planned on getting home a little earlier so we get a few things done Oh well.


Sunday we fixed breakfast and the girls came over and ate. Got to have a pretty good visit with them both. Then we got the wood stove ready to use and then used it, it is starting to get a little chilly in the mornings and evenings.


Monday after work we went and helped Katie get her stove lite she had been trying for two days and couldn’t get it. Andy had to take the front off and clean it up a little but we got it lite. Then we went over to Joleen’s and put in a doggie door for her since she works 24-hour shifts and it getting colder she didn’t want her dog to have to stay outside so we got that put in for her.


300 a Month

Didn’t do to bad this week, I did buy a case of peaches that were on sale I want to put half in the freezer and make jam with the other half, In Farmington I bought a couple #10 cans of whole tomatoes, 5 pounds of baking soda, some frozen green chili and 10 pounds of frozen blackberries, so I spent 77.81. That will be 77.81 for the month. Add that to the years total of 1802.92 for 1880.73 for the year that leaves me 221.19 for the month and 1719.27 for the year,


What I did to save money this week,
• Made my own yogurt
• Worked on Christmas presents
• Started doing a little cooking on the wood stove
• Got laundry done and on the line before it rained

That might be about it. I am getting ready to do something new as far as saving money and helping others to start getting out of debt and saving. Hoping to get it started as soon as I get my canning caught up.



I am working on apples now so need to get them finished up and then work on the pumpkins, Also need to get some bread made and the Kombucha started that I didn’t get done last week.

Still, need to mend Andy’s pants I did get a little done on the quilt but want to try and get at least two of the baby blankets put together and ready to tie this week.


Fiber Arts
I got started on the afghans I need to get made so I want to try and get at least one-half way done this week.


With the rain, I really didn’t get anything done in the yard last week so I still have last weeks list so
depending on the weather I want to reseed the grass wasn’t able to get to it last week. I would also like to get the chicken coop resided. I also need to get all the outside toys picked up and put away, also all the patio chairs, cushions, and the other stuff from the patios and the fairy and gnome gardens put away.


I want to get a couple raised beds built by the chicken coop for mint and lavender to use in the coop.


What I am reading,
I did start a new book “ Prelude to World War Three” haven’t gotten too far into it but good so far.


Since my fall I didn’t really feel that working out was a very good idea so hoping to get back to it this week. I have a new fitness challenge that I entered so will be trying to keep up with that.

I am wanting to clean out one of the spare rooms that have all the daycare and craft stuff ( along with a whole lot of other “stuff” ) then I want to start using it for the daycare instead of having to have everything in the living room. I am getting so tired of all the cluttered look all through the house so this is the first step of several that I have planned for the house.




  • Oats
    Scrambled eggs
    Yogurt & Fruit

To these, I will add toast or fruit.


  • Waffles
    Mac & Cheese
    Chicken Noodles
    Fr Toast

To these, I will add fruit, crackers, or something as a side dish.

Andy will have leftovers from the night before.


  • Peppers with smoked sausage
    King Ranch
    Chicken Fried Steak
    Stuffed peppers
    Pork Chops

To these, I will add a vegetable or an appropriate side. One weekend night we will have leftovers.

Kids Snacks

  • Cereal

Andy’s snacks
Strawberry Shortcake
Peach Cobbler
Andy takes a snack to work every day (breakfast) to eat at break.

So what are your goals for the week?

Have a great week.

2 Replies to “300 a Month, Goals & Menu”

  1. NRP

    HAHAHA, Fall not only caught up, it kicked my tush over the fence. WHAM it hit full force here, went from 80 to 50s in 3 days…. The Wood Stoves are FANTASTIC, a different kinda warm. And yes that Rain is nice, but makes for a muddy drive here. Ohhhh well, I’ll take the Rain.

    Shamrock, sorry about the 0.11¢ a pound Jalapenos, they changed the price to 0.11¢ each, they said it was a mistake. But still the store does have some good stuff. BTW Hobby Lobby is an evil place… WAY too much to pass spending boo-koo bucks there….

    Still picking the heck out of the Garden, lots of stuff there yet, and the Tomatoes are finally ripening now that’s it’s going to freeze in 2 days HAHAHAHA

    I also give up on the $300 per month thing, been putting too much back for the Rainy Day sort of thing, Is 600 rolls of TP really too much? LOL

    This new thing you’re going to suggest on getting out of Debt and saving money…. Will be interesting to read for sure.

    Speaking of canning, it’s always embarrassing to go to Wally World and ask if they have more than the 10 cases of Canning Jars…. HAHAHA I always get that look of “Ohhhhh your one of those huh?” LOL
    And please do NOT mention Apples, I’m almost done with them, after 11 cases of Quarts, I’m DONE!!!

    Can’t wait to just plop my tush down on the couch, in front of a warm fire, cookies and milk sitting there and read a book, with Blue snoring beside me.

    Oh course that’s when a Buddy calls and wants to play a round of Golf… UGH!!!!! Come on SNOW!!!!

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      Haha, guess I should have worded this differently “Well, my fall pretty much caught up with me this last week.” to” It is starting to catch up to me from when I fell last week” Although as I think of it both falls are starting to catch up, the one where I fell and the one where I have tons of work haha.

      Loving my wood stove right now since it turned pretty cool almost overnight.
      Ya when trying to hurry and stock up it isn’t anything to go thru 300 heck you could spend that alone on TP.

      I hear ya on the jars I try to buy some everytime I go to town, My jars are probably like your TP can never have too much, is over 1000 jars really enough lol. And apples I am just starting have 3 pans cooking down for apple butter and one pan of apple butter in the oven cooking down, a large pan peeled, sliced and ready to can apple pie filling and a ton more sitting and on the tree ready to go.

      I so agree with ready for winter so I can work on some fun stuff like sewing and crocheting in front of a warm fire while it is snowing outside. Guess I better go get to work on apples so I can get to the pumpkins later.
      Have a great day, and stay warm.