300 a Month, Goals & Menu

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Another busy week here I am finally getting around better after my fall. We have been getting rain which has been wonderful.

Tuesday I had a fire belles meeting we are getting things lined out for the Fire Departments open house that we will be having on the 20th.

Saturday I spent all day helping Joleen paint her living room and den. Her house has the old dark paneling in both rooms so we painted it white, turned out pretty good.

Sunday we went to Breen to pick up the backhoe from Travis’s. Got back from that then we went to dinner with the 3 girls for my Birthday. I was nice to get together with them seems like we are always so busy that we don’t all get together very often. I want to start working on that a little more.

I did get these for my Birthday I do love me some turquoise.

Monday my Aunt came and helped me work on apples again, it has been so nice having her help I have defiantly been able to get more done. Then that night I had a fair board meeting and didn’t get home till around 10. So I think my weekend is catching up with me haha.


300 a month

City market had pasta on sale so I bought several boxes  also some evaporated milk, bread, cheese, They also had granola bars on sale so I bought 5 boxes (to use for snacks for daycare since I am busy canning I am not getting much baking done.) several boxes of sure-jell, strawberries and 25 pounds sugar. I also bought a couple of cans of cashews, pumpkin seeds,  and some chai tea.

I spent 88.57 added to 77.81 for 16638 for the month and it leaves me with 133.62 for the month. Add that to the years total of 1880.73 1969.30 for the year and that leaves me 1630.70 for the year.



I have gotten several of the apples done, still, have more to go. I have the peaches peeled and ready to freeze and make jam with. So this week I want to finish up the peaches and work on apples some more and if I have time I would like to start on the pumpkins.

Still, need to mend Andy’s pants I did get a little done on the quilt but want to try and get at least two of the baby blankets put together and ready to tie this week.

Fiber Arts

I am about halfway on one of the afghans and would like to get it finished up this week.
This is when it was about a quarter of the way done. First time to do an ombre and I am loving how the colors are going together.


This is from last week and is pretty much what I still need to do. On the one good day we had, I helped Joleen paint so I still need to get this all done.
With the rain, I really didn’t get anything done in the yard last week so I still have last weeks list so
depending on the weather I want to reseed the grass wasn’t able to get to it last week. I would also like to get the chicken coop resided. I also need to get all the outside toys picked up and put away, also all the patio chairs, cushions, and the other stuff from the patios and the fairy and gnome gardens put away.


The same things still need to get this done.
I want to get a couple raised beds built by the chicken coop for mint and lavender to use in the coop.

What I am reading,
I am reading the Babylon code I just started it and havn’t really spent a lot of time reading so not to far into it.

I have a new fitness challenge that I entered so will be trying to keep up with that.

I started to clean out one of the spare rooms that have all the daycare and craft stuff ( along with a whole lot of other “stuff” ) then I want to start using it for the daycare instead of having to have everything in the living room. I am getting so tired of all the cluttered look all through the house so this is the first step of several that I have planned for the house. really want to have all this done by Christmas.



  1.  H.M. Yogurt & Fruit

  2. Cereal

  3. Waffles

  4. Cream of Wheat

  5. French toast

To these, I will add toast or fruit.


  1. Mini Pizzas

  2. Chicken Potato Soup

  3. Grilled Cheese

  4. Mac & Tomato

  5. PB&J

To these, I will add fruit, crackers, or something as a side dish.

Andy will have leftovers from the night before.


  1. Taco Soup

  2. Hartleys Mexican rice supper

  3. Stuffed peppers

  4. Pork Chops

  5. Beef tips

  6. Mexican steak

To these, I will add a vegetable or appropriate side and will have leftovers on one night.

Kids Snacks

  1. Cereal

  2. Apples

  3. Applesauce

  4. Fruit

  5. Granola bars

Andys Snacks

  1. strawberry shortcake

  2. Pumpkin bread

Andy takes a snack to work every day (breakfast) to eat on his break.

2 Replies to “300 a Month, Goals & Menu”

  1. NRP

    Rancher’s Wife;
    Here’s a couple of suggestions;

    I buy Pectin on Amazon (yeah that nasty place) for a LOT cheaper than Sure-Jell.
    Search Amazon for;
    Hoosier Hill Fruit Pectin, 2 lb bag for $17.49

    I also have a apple peeler, I can core/peel/slice an apple in about 20 seconds.
    Again Amazon;
    CAST IRON APPLE PEELER by Purelite Durable Heavy Duty Cast Iron Apple Slicing Coring and Peeling Machine Razor Sharp Stainless Steel Blades and Chrome Plated Parts

    Happy B-Day also Kid.

  2. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

    Thanks for the B-Day wish, I am trying to convince people that I am going backwards in age instead of forward but no one is buying it hahaha.

    I have been getting my sure-jell at city market their brand which is way cheaper, I will have to check amazon since I am all about as cheap as I can get it.

    I do have an apple peeler/corer/slicer and I love that thing pretty sure I wouldn’t get near as many apples done without it.

    You getting any of this rain down your way? We are getting quite a bit and sure has been nice.