October in Review

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 I am a little ( ok a lot) late in getting this up.

October was once again a very busy month.

I fell then end of September and it took me a little bit to recover from it. Can tell I am not as young as I used to be hahaha don’t bounce back like I used to.


The first week after my fall pretty much caught up with me. My shoulder and arm have been pretty sore this week so I didn’t get a whole lot done. I did work on a quilt a little and got one of the afghans 1/4 of the way done. I also got my Halloween / Fall decorations out.

We are finally getting some rain and it has been wonderful. The mountains even got a little snow.

Friday afternoon we went over to Joleen’s and lite her gas fireplace heaters. What should have taken a few minutes took a couple hours they had things set up on wall switches and it took us forever to get it all figured out but we got it so she has heat now. Got home and I picked the last of the garden. Then Andy had a dance to play and I stayed home and just chilled out and worked on an afghan.

Saturday we went to Farmington to take our sheepherder’s tent to Andy’s cousin that has a heavy duty sewing machine so she could replace the zipper for us since we are planning on using it this year at hunting camp. While we were there I had to go to hobby lobby was able to get the rest of the yarn ( it was on sale woohoo since I needed a lot) that I am going to need for the afghans for Christmas presents, also got some more fabric for another baby blanket that I need to get made. Found a restaurant supply store that had some really great deals bought a few things there. Ended up not getting home till 9:30 which we had really planned on getting home a little earlier so we get a few things done Oh well.

Sunday we fixed breakfast and the girls came over and ate. Got to have a pretty good visit with them both. Then we got the wood stove ready to use and then used it, it is starting to get a little chilly in the mornings and evenings.

Monday after work we went and helped Katie get her stove lite she had been trying for two days and couldn’t get it. Andy had to take the front off and clean it up a little but we got it lite. Then we went over to Joleen’s and put in a doggie door for her since she works 24-hour shifts and it getting colder she didn’t want her dog to have to stay outside so we got that put in for her.

Tuesday I had a fire belles meeting we are getting things lined out for the Fire Departments open house that we will be having on the 20th.

Saturday I spent all day helping Joleen paint her living room and den. Her house has the old dark paneling in both rooms so we painted it white, turned out pretty good.

Sunday we went to Breen to pick up the backhoe from Travis’s. Got back from that then we went to dinner with the 3 girls for my Birthday. I was nice to get together with them seems like we are always so busy that we don’t all get together very often. I want to start working on that a little more.

I did get these for my Birthday I do love me some turquoise.

Monday my Aunt came and helped me work on apples again, it has been so nice having her help I have defiantly been able to get more done. So far I have 7 quarts of apple pie filling, 53 pints of apple butter, 12 pints caramel apple butter. Then that night I had a fair board meeting and didn’t get home till around 10. So I think my weekend is catching up with me haha.

On the 20th we had an open house for the fire dept. for the new burn training building. Didn’t have a very good turn out ( didn’t get any picture forgot my phone at home ).

On the 26th we had the cows preg checked usually Andy does this but he hasn’t done it a whole lot the last couple years and we need to know for sure since feed is going to be pretty high this year. So we had the vet come out and do it we only had one open cow.

We got the chicken coop resided and insulated, I thought maybe a day to get it done but nooo it took 2 weekends but at least it is done.

As you can see it needed it pretty bad. We also insulated it so now the girls should be able to stay toasty warm this winter.

It looks so much better.