What I learned while my internet was down

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My internet was down for a week and a half. They are running fiber optic cable in my area and when they were digging for it they cut mine and several other peoples phone/internet line. And to make it even better the phone guy who works our area had just gone on vacation so we had to wait for him to get back and then the time it took to get it fixed. I always thought that I would be just fine without the internet/technology was I ever wrong. Here are a few things that I learned when it was down.


  1. First and foremost I am way to dependant on the internet. As bad as I hate to say it. Every time I needed to look up something I couldn’t.
  2. I also get all my news from the internet so it was very difficult not knowing what all was going on in the world ( I did have my phone but it doesn’t work the greatest at my house).
  3. I need to get more information off the internet, I have a lot of pages bookmarked recipes, ideas etc,. I was wanting a recipe but I couldn’t get it since I just had it bookmarked.
  4. It is my link to the outside world, I am home all day with the little kids and it is nice to be able to communicate with others besides just the little ones ( love the little ones to pieces but sometimes it is nice to know there is more to life then colors and toys haha.)
  5. I need to plan better, I had a couple of things I wanted to do for Halloween with the kids. They are on a website I go to to get ideas for the kid’s crafts, well I couldn’t do them since I couldn’t get to the website. So I need to start getting them off when I find them.
  6. I need to have a few backup movies, on the weekends we like to watch a little Netflix well with no internet no Netflix.
  7. I even like to get my weather from the internet it gives me an idea of the long-range forecast that helps when trying to plan things.

As much as would love to say this has taught me to be less dependent on the internet I don’t know if I can. I do know I will start doing things a little different then if it happens again or goes away for good then I am a little better prepared.

And one last thing, I have always said to make sure you have the information you need from the internet on a hard copy. And I do have a lot but not as much as I should. So I will be trying to get more off and be a little better prepared.

2 Replies to “What I learned while my internet was down”

  1. NRP

    Tis a good reminder of “If/When”.
    Being one of those Wacko people that tends to not be depending on much outside of my own being aka, Prepper; I often wonder what life was like before Al Gore invented the internet, before TV, before Radio. When having a new “book” was a monumental event.
    Not to mock you my friend, but how did we know what the Weather was going to do before The Weather Channel?
    I will admit, the Net is good/quick source of information, and GREAT recipes, what happens (as you point out) when the Net goes poof, OR the .gov/Amazon/Google decides exactly what we can D/L or see?
    How would we all live when this great thing “The Net” is no longer? Even a better question, how much has “The Net” and TV isolated people? Here is a stat for ya, People are sitting in front of a TV for an average of 6-7 hours a day, or on the Net/Smart Phone for 6-10 hours a day….. This technology is a Virus, it is infecting everywhere.
    Heck even in the office where I work, people don’t seem to talk anymore, we type memos to each other, we no longer have a social lunch, we all sit on our azzes watching the News of surf the Net.
    Now that that’s out, YES I do enjoy visiting others on the Net, such as this BLOG, BUT how many of us live in the Net? How many would be lost without their “Book-Marked Pages”. How many of us will travel ½ the way somewhere and turn around because we forgot our Smart Phones?????

    Mini Rant over about the Net, sorry all, but maybe something to think about…..

    PS; good to have ya back kido.

  2. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

    I completely agree I don’t spend a whole lot of time on the net and so when mine was down it was surprising to realize how much I do use it since I have always thought that if it were gone tomorrow I would be just fine.
    I do keep saying I sometimes wish we didn’t have all the technology that we have while it is good for some things I think it is ruining our younger generation. I have some kids in my daycare that hate to go outside and play they say it is boring ( and I have a pretty large playground with lots to play with) they would much rather be playing video games ugh ( can’t at my house) although I do have some that would stay outside all day if they could.
    It’s kind of funny one of my daughters and I were talking about this the other day how when they were younger they spent all day outside ( with the daycare kids) and the things they played and made up. My daycare kids today just don’t seem to have the imagination that the older ones had. My Stepdaughter gave my daughters a video game when they were younger I think they played it maybe 10 times then put in the closest because it was just taking up space and they didn’t like playing it.

    And as far as the weather I know haha but it is nice to see a couple weeks out ( even if it isn’t correct half the time haha).

    What I want to know is how people have 6 to 10 hours a day to spend on the computer, phone or TV? If they have that much time on their hands they could come to my house I am sure I could find something for them to do haha.

    And I am sad when I forget my phone but it is because I use the camera all the time but I am too cheap to turn around and go back to get it ( fuel is way to expensive haha).

    I started reading “The End of Food” I was able to get a lot read at hunting camp it is a real eye opener some of the stuff I already knew but a lot I didn’t. I have a little less than half to go am really enjoying it.