300 a Month, Goals, & Menu

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One of these days I am going to actually get these post out once a week and on time. ( well we have to hope haha).


I finally got the playroom put together for the daycare kids, it is so nice to be able to have all the toys out for them to play and not have the living a complete mess.  The kids love it.


It is starting to turn off cold although we have still had a few really nice days. We did get our first snow the other day, it really didn’t amount to much more wind than snow.


Monday evening I had a fair board meeting and didn’t get home till late.


With school being out I didn’t have very many of my regular kids but did have a few school-age kids.


Wednesday evening after work we went to my Dads for Thanksgiving dinner lots of good food. We planned our Christmas dinner and decided to do a few things different this year one we are going to have Navajo tacos for dinner and we lowered the price for the white elephant gift and made it an all-purpose gift so everyone can play at once instead of having the girls and then the guys plus this way the kids can join in.


Thanksgiving day we didn’t do much that evening we went over to some friends to play poker and board games.


Friday afternoon I decided to go check out the Black Friday deals ( our black Fridays are nothing compared to most places) in town so I went to Walmart and a couple other store and got a big portion of my Christmas shopping done which wasn’t too hard as we are having a pretty small one this year since money is so tight. I do have a few things that need to be ordered so will be doing that this week.


That evening the kids and Andy’s Brother and wife came over for out Thanksgiving we had Navajo tacos, then played a couple card games. It was a pretty early night since Two of them had an hours drive home and Joleen had to work the next morning.


Saturday Andy went out to the old Homestead to check on things and Katie called and wanted me to go to lunch with her so I met her in town after we ate we ran to a store that had a couple really good sales to pick up a couple more things and I even bought something for my self haha they had Kitchenaid emulsan blenders on sale for half so I got one since I seem to go through the cheap ones pretty quick. That evening we just sat home watched movies and listened to the cold wind blow.


Sunday I cleaned out the chicken coop and got it ready for winter, did a little work on the goat pen ( still have some to do to get it ready for winter), Then got things ready to start another week

300 a Month,

Didn’t do as good as I would have liked. Here is what I bought 3 turkeys, yams ( enough to can a few jars), peanut butter, spinach, romaine lettuce ( which I had to throw away 🙁 ), pop tarts ( they were on sale and I like to do a treat every now and then for the kids), cream cheese ( needed more then I could get made), bananas, food coloring, peppermint extract, cake mixes ( they were on sale and I will be making a sheet cake once a month for the middle school teachers),club soda,chicken nuggets, celery, pork rinds,shortening ( for fry bread), marshmallows ( I want to try and make my own fondant for the cakes I am going to start making), 25 pds onions, cranberries ( they were on sale and I got several so I can can them),milk and eggs ( I needed more then my chickens are giving me) .

I spent 138.52  Since I am way over for the month I will just add it to the year total so 163.25 added to 2286.25 for 2450.20 for the year that leaves me 1149.80 for the year.




I got 16 quarts of pumpkin canned and made 2 pies I still have 4 large pumpkins to get worked up will try to get these canned this week I also need to work on the rest of the apples, I want to get the three turkeys cooked and canned, and if I have time I want to get started on the cranberries.


I started cutting out Katie’s quilt, want to finish cutting it out and start sewing it. Would also like to get a baby blanket finished this week ( I know I still haven’t gotten it done).

Fiber Arts,

I am almost finished with the blue afghan but I am running out of time so I switched patterns to a quick pattern, I have one almost finished want to finish it this week and get started on another one.


 I do still need to paint the chicken and some of the fences. We need to get lights on all the animal waters to keep them from freezing and get everything ready for the animals to be ready for winter. I still need to get some grass seed down and cover a few things in the yard.

What I am reading

I started the “End of Food” by Thomas F. Pawlick it is a real eye-opener about our food,  something everyone should read. I also stated, “Grain Brain” haven’t gotten very far into it yet.


Scrambled eggs
Yogurt and fruit
Cream of wheat
With this, we will have toast, or whatever sides I want to have with it.


Potato soup

Mac and Tomato
Chicken nuggets


Will have whatever kind of fruit and veggies I have, and crackers with the soup.


For Andy’s lunch, he will have leftovers from the night before.


Navajo tacos
Loose meat sandwiches
Green Chili Soup
Pork Chops & Rice
Rotel HB Helper
Cheesy Spaghetti

Will have a veggie of some sort, and bread with each meal. Saturday or Sunday we will have leftovers.


Andy’s Snacks (He takes a snack for the break at work)
Pumpkin Pie
Zucchini Bread


Kids Snacks
Granola Bars
Animal crackers
Fruit snacks

What are your goals for the week?

Have a great week.

4 Replies to “300 a Month, Goals, & Menu”

  1. NRP

    Glad you’re reading End of Food, a real shocker for sure about the real truth behind our food supply.
    Makes one really want to raise ALL of our own foods.

    Question on the Caned Turkey, why are you cooking it first? Why not just Raw Pack it? or are you making something like soups or????

    PS; your doing as LOT better than me on the $300 thing HAHAHAHA

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      Yes, that book has been an eye opener I already have issues with store bought food but now even more so like you say makes you want to raise ALL your food.

      I am canning soup, BBQ turkey/chicken, chicken/turkey chipotle, taco meat and some plain. Plus I like to eat a little along the way haha.

      Well, my deep pantry helps a lot with the 300 a month, plus I am not trying to get ready for retirement haha. speaking of isn’t that suppose to happen pretty soon?

        1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

          Haha more time for getting things ready, maybe after you retire you can hit the 300 a month hahaha.