Dehydrating and Dry Packing Marshmallows

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Even though I like to make my own marshmallows, I still like to have some dried and fresh on hand. There are so many things you can do with dried marshmallows. Put them in hot cocoa, in cookie dough, on ice cream, pancake batter, brownies, rice crispy treats, popcorn balls, in caramel corn, oatmeal, frozen yogurt, cereal, or just eat by themselves or whatever else you can think of.

This really is super easy. Get your marshmallows plain and flavored.

Spread out on your trays and dehydrate at 125 for 6 to 12 hour depending on how many you are dehydrating.

As you can see they don’t change much they stay the same size just get very hard and crunchy.

When done I just dry pack them into jars. I also pack some fresh marshmallows to have on hand for roasting.

For the fresh ones, I add a little powder sugar to keep them from sticking.

Put in jars and use the jar lid attachments. I found mine at Cabelas, if you don’t have them, they have a regular and wide mouth.

If you use you use your food saver be very careful not to expand the marshmallows too much. If they do it will be a sticky mess.

The one on the right expanded to much the other two are right, as you can see they look like normal marshmallows and the one on the right kind of looks like a blob.

I like to use this handy little gadget, If you have the attachments for the jars you can use this on them. It is a little easier to control how much air you pull out so you don’t expand the marshmallows to much.

Just put the handheld food saver on the top of the lid attachment then turn on you have to listen to tell when it is enough. It is easy to tell.

Be sure to store in a cool place.

2 Replies to “Dehydrating and Dry Packing Marshmallows”

  1. NRP

    Ok I have to admit when I first saw this article I was thinking “Ok, a dehydrated Marshmallow, like stuffing a cotton ball into the mouth”.
    But I get the idea. 🙂 🙂