Hunting 2018

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We changed our hunting camp location this year ( not that it helped any haha). Here is the spot that we picked.

We had to get all new poles for the tent this year The last time we used them the poles were starting to crack. I am pulling one to camp with the four-wheeler.

Have all the poles in place now to lift them up. This is the first year that Andy and I have had to set camp up by our selves and I am here to tell you that setting up this tent is at least a 3 person job not a 1 1/2 ( me being half) we dodn’t know if we were going to get it up. After what seemed forever and me wanting to just go home we finally got it up.

And staked down.

We didn’t set up the kitchen part since it was going to just be us and Travis. This is how it usually looks though.

Next, we got the outhouse set up. I do have to say this is a pretty handy deal, although it is pretty doggone cold in the middle of the night. Does make you appreciate indoor plumbing.

I only got these two pictures of the inside on the day we were tearing down camp.

This is the wood stove we use and it is amazing it will make it so warm in the tent that you have to open a flap.

Here are a few pictures I got of the burn areas

This is a hole where a tree stump used to be it is pretty cool you can see right where all the roots were.

I didn’t really get very many pictures out and about but here is a couple.

If you look close you can see some wild turkeys.

I didn’t get many pictures this year. I stayed in camp a lot more this year and caught up on some reading, resting and just enjoying the peace and quite.